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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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**Incoming Open channel Transmission**
Comm. I.D. - Col. Picaroon Diablo / Callsign - {SOB}JollyRoger
*Transmission Target - Commander, Lane Hackers*

#Transmission Begins#

Honorable Commander of the Lane Hackers,

I am Colonel Picaroon Diablo of the Shadow Outcast Brigade.
Pardon my open transmission on your factions communications network, We at this time have no one able to hack into your system for a secure transmission.
I would like to discuss with you the possibility of forming a mutual alliance between us.
At this current time we can offer your transport ships immunity from our pirating operations & provide escorts into Outcast systems when needed.
In return all we ask is mutual immunity to our smuggling transports through your area of operations & defense of our transports in your territories when required.
We hope to extend further offers at a later time.
We will await your response.

Col. Picaroon Diablo
Commander, Shadow Outcast Brigade

# Transmission Ends, Link Closed#

To Col. Picaroon Diablo :

Outcasts in Liberty space are as welcome a sight to The Lane Hackers as Lane Hackers are a welcome sight in Outcast space.
Anyone who interferes with this relationship will find themselves on a fast trip to a short box.
Many insolent wretches have attempted to bluff their way into our good graces with words, when our hacks of their computer systems demonstrate conclusively that they have no affiliation to ourselves or our allies. Insure that your ships' systems are fully operational and spec'd to Maltan technical standards, and there should be no problems.
-activating manual acces-
Password: ******

From: Guild of Shadows commander Dragon
To: Mr. Director Moriarty

Greetings Mr. Director

Im writing to you, to ask you an alliance.

As you should know mr. director im the leader of the borning pirates alliance Guild of Shadows (GoS), we are groups of pirate pilots that act in liberty and it proximities, our goal is to bring support to the pirates that have been huted for so long by the liberty goverment and give them the respect they deserve.

Also you should know that this work can not be done by just a group of people with good intentions, we need you and all the pirate factions help to complete our proppose.

The help im asking for is not money, lands or pilots. Im asking for honor, collaboration and respect. We want to fight at your side, wing with wing, to protect your people and all the hunted ones.


1) Protection
2) Help
3) Power
4) Alliance


1) Respect
2) Help

I also need to explain something. We are not over you, but you are not over us. We are at the same level and we want you to treat us with the repect that we deserve.




I know we haven't gotten off the best of starts. However, since we claim neutrality to all conflict in the pursuit of... Credits, and therefore freedom from oppression by doing what we're good at we offered our services to one of the "indie" Hacker Gunship pilots. He had the LH IFF, ID, and ship... However, he was using Solaris and Dragonfly turrets. Blood Dragon equipment? More importantly, he confided in me that he does not use your illustrious cardamine, nor believes in the downfall of Liberty. He told me numerous times he is only a greedy pirate. In my eyes, that's the sign of an impostor who somehow managed to steal your ship!

Even more to the point, I helped this guy fight a Bounty Hunter Gunship, after he offered me one million credits to help him. Naturally, his lack of piloting (not a REAL Lane Hacker, remember) lead to his demise, none to my own fault. I nearly won the fight for him. I disengaged after his death, because the deal was to assist. Now, this is where my problem begins... He survived, and as such he should have paid his dues. I was forced to chase him to Texas, California, Ontario, Colorado, Ontario, Alberta, Yukon, and finally Cassini where he hid like a coward on the Rogue Guard base there, San Quentin.

At this base, he tried to talk me out of my payment... And after nearly a half an hour of listening to his idiocy--he believes that Lanes are completely unhackable except for those in Ageira or the Lane Hackers--I left Cassini.

If I ever see this fool again, I do not want you to be surprised if I kill him, mercilessly. This coward should not be affiliated with your honorable fight. The Reavers will destroy him, and I suggest you do as much yourself.

Xavier_Laguin is the one who I refer to and I do have proof of most of these accusations, should you choose you need them.

Crimson Reaver,
XO, Master of Communication
Reaver Mercenary Group

A reminder to all pilots:

Use of Lane Hacker Gunships

The use of Lane Hacker Gunships is limited to Lane Hackers who are in good standing (both Hacker IFF and ID). Anyone else with a gunship should be considered a thief and "persuaded" to return it by any means necessary. Certain allies may be granted the use of gunships that have been decommissioned from regular service via communications in our diplomatic channel.

Sr. Dir. Moriarty Wrote:Recently, The Lane Hackers granted a courtesy tour of one of our facilities to a large group of supposedly allied pirates from throughout Sirius. The tour included a vague briefing on our newly developed Gunship and a short demonstration of its capabilities.

During their escort back to the transports for their departure, several of the pirates attacked their security escorts and overpowered them.

The pirates then, en masse, stormed the hanger deck and stole the entire wing of new Gunships that had just been delivered. They are now running amok throughout Sirius, masquerading as our friends while piloting stolen property.

All friends and allies of The Lane Hackers are enjoined to persuade these imposters to return our Gunships or become full-fledged Lane Hackers. Our friends and allies are authorized to destroy the vessels if they refuse to comply.

They will be easily identified by a lack of both a Hacker IFF and Identity papers.

If they possess both, then they have legally purchased the gunship.

This missive is also a directive to The Lane Hacker Assassins to terminate all such miscreants after a warning is given.

Non-Hackers with permission to pilot a Hacker Gunship:

Outcast Basilisk
Cpt. Ronoldo of the Foxbat (Maltan)
Connecting to Secure Channel
Verifying Password...
Password accepted...

Cpt. Ronoldo of the Foxbat (Maltan) -

We have recently received reports of a Lane Hacker Gunship which was heavily torpedoed and crippled by the Liberty Navy. She was dubbed irreparable and has been marked for decommisioning to salavage the few working systems. We request that the hulk of the ship be towed to Iziba for attempted repair.

Systems status:

Powercore: Ejected due to core breach, thus non-existant

Engines: The starboard engine was completly melted away from a Nova torepdo. Cruise engines do not function. Thruster power connections destroyed.

Bridge: Took a direct hit, will have the total modual replaced.

Computer core: Destroyed with the Bridge, we would like to request an additiona one if the hulk is delevered to Alpha

Hull: Multiple breaches, cannot hold atmosphere

*dangerous radiation hazards also detected from damaged weapons mounts

We hope to repair the ship and make use of the chassis as a test bed for new equipment until the Outcast gunboat designs have been tested and prototyped.


End transmission
COMM ID: Daniel Feenix (Mercenary)
RECIPIENT: Sr. Director Moriarty

Greetings Senior Director,

I understand that you are a busy man so I will get straight to the point: I wish to purchase a Hacker Gunship and I request your authorisation to do so. If I any action is required to prove that I am trustworthy before you will grant me a Hacker Gunship, let me know and I will get straight on it.

Feenix out.


Cpt. Ronoldo : You may proceed with your salvage operation.

Daniel Feenix : You are a low-life mercenary who ordinarily deserves a slow and exquisitely painful death. However, if you successfully terminate one of our enemies as noted in our recent bounties, then we will overlook the odious stench of unqualified immorality that permeates every atom of your mercenary hide, and permit you to operate one of our decommisioned gunships on a contingent basis : you will never, ever, under any circumstances attack or collect a bounty on a Lane Hacker while in possession of our technology. If you cannot fulfill those terms, then we will know that you are unfit to operate one of our ships. You will await acknowledgement of the collection of the bounty before receiving the security codes for a gunship.
COMM ID: Daniel Feenix
RECIPIENT: Sr. Director Moriarty

Senior Director,

I thank you for the swift response. I accept your terms and will begin pursuing the bounties posted by your organisation immediately.

Feenix out.