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Hello again dear Hackers,

Concerning growing interests as of late, if it is possible I would like to request a meeting with one of the Lane Hackers on Blackport 66.
It's a matter that I would rather speak personally than through comms.
I await your reply and we'll be ready on our end for your arrival.


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[Image: P0rp5Bm.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Hello there Archangels,

I'm more than willing to meet you on Blackport 66 and discuss the matter. I'm an Interruptor of the Lane Hackers unless you need someone from the top? If not, I'll be on my way as soon as you respond.
[Image: PvqOC7c.gif]

Dear Mr.Hinx,

We'll have a place for us reserved for a private conversation once you arrive, Mr.Hinx. Come down and bring whoever you want with you if you don't feel comfortable alone. If you want anything to drink in advance or anything for us to get you in preparation for your arrival then please let us know. We await your arrival.


[Image: k5zGlPM.gif]

Blrgh... call me Gon Mendoza!
Brainiacs need targets shot? Brainiacs need Rogue pack. Gon's pack is best. Gon's pack get permission from Mort Boss for

Gon's pack made of many shoot ships. Gon's boys know how shoot hard.

Brainiacs want thingie shot by small ships? Gon has. Brainiacs want thingie shot by big ships? Gon has.

Most Gon's pack boys can shoot thingie upside-down if want. If pay.

The Liberty Rogues Wrote:
[Image: 0eqCBjn.png]


I thought it would be best that I contact you personally just in case. You know my boys, they are always looking for trouble. Some of them moreso than others. I directed raidmaster Mendoza towards your channel to offer the services he and his wing might provide for the benefit of the Lane Hackers, now that our own priority targets have been stomped into the ground.

I will say that they are kinda good at what they do, though the average life expectancy of Gon's group is amusingly short. Make use of his firepower, lest he starts blowing things up that we both would rather he didn't.



[Image: Spn9xHM.jpg]
Transmitter ID: Shogun Nagahide Niwa

Konnichiwa, Lane Hackers.

I am the current Shogun of the Blood Dragons, Nagahide Niwa. While looking through files, i found small mentions of relations from when Yuki Hokama was the Shogun and even earlier, dating back to the last great Shogunate a few years ago.

Perhaps you could provide some details from your records, or perhaps reach new accords with the Shogunate.

Shogun Nagahide

// contact if you want to check anything out.

[Image: FisXB8l.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Hello Niwa.

It is impressive how you inflitrated an official Blood Dragon frequency from such a very young age. Don't misunderstand me, I indeed think that you deserve a reward, but asking for official, classified documents? I am afraid we cannot do that.

In the meantime we shall contact the Blood Dragons through a different frequency and inform them of this issue. Standard procedure, sorry. And I don't think they will appreciate learning what you said about succeeding Shogun Hokama.

Hello Mr Mort,

We shall allow your.. chimpanzees work on our Job Board, however we would also want to request The Lane Hackers Assassins (LH~A~) to be able to claim in your own Bounty Board.

King regards,
Mission Commission

[Image: lbIXDS6.png][Image: GrsS6Am.png]

Salutations, Shogun Nagahide.

Perhaps you have heard of me, my name is Goro Yoshida from the Lane Hackers. I hope any misconceptions have been solved, fortunately with better communication this won't be repeated.

I would like to congratulate you for your ascension into the highest position within the Blood Dragons. I am fully confident that only a person with multiple talents and virtues can become the legendary Shogun.

On behalf of the Lane Hackers I can assure you that our friendship remains as strong as ever and we are always looking forward for further cooperation. We have of course records of our most prominent communications between our two organisations which I am attaching below.

Attachment #594 Wrote:Trade Agreement with Shogun Itagaki Dato
Joint Operations concerning Kamayama Outpost
Research Assistance & Strike Wing Transfer
Meeting with Shogun Ryuu Noboru
Meeting with Shogun Hokama & Renewed Friendship and Gift
Hunting & Transporting
To Blood Dragon Allies & Supporters
[Image: gih9wXb.png]

Transmission- Planet Junyo orbit, Shikoku System
Loading feed: 60%, 78%, 94%, 100% complete...
Handle name: Hebishima , Takarabune Conglomerate
Encryption: TBKC-oo0234

Hajimemashite, members of the Lane Hackers. My name is Hebishima, a representative of the Takarabune Conglomerate.

We have been exchanging correspondence with Mr. Yoshida recently, and he pointed out to us of a pending matter. I come with this message to prove once again, that in relation to business, the Hogosha keep their word on the deals they make.

You will find attached 3 deliveries made on Leiden base, two shipments of artifacts, and a special batch of sorted artifacts, as a payment for the cooperation that we have received in recent times.

A1 A2
C1 C2

Hopefully these will cover your immediate needs.
Until next time, may the Fortunes bring you wealth and prosperity in your affairs.


[Image: CygGpT5.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Hello Mr. Hebishima.

I would like to thank you for your deliveries and to reassure you that such deliveries are and will be well-rewarded by the Lane Hackers, should any of the Association captains wish to make some extra money by transporting artifacts to Leiden.

On top of what Leiden's commodity vendor offered, I would like to add 30,000,000 SC as a standard bonus payment. You can send me in private the bank account in which you wish the money to be wire into. Anonymous transfer, as always.