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[Image: Transmission.png]
A strong young man speaks, his tone is serious...


Lane Hackers, your name has long to befall my tounge. Rumors of your work truely is... astounding. And now your name has be brought to the forfront of my thought once again.

I Rorry, leader of the Renegades, come bearing gifts, in hope of a favor in return. As you probably know, we share some of the same allies, from them you may find our reputation to be of your liking. But no one can trust a man based on the opinion of mere friends, am I not correct? So allow me to be blunt...

We see no intent to ever harm you or your works, but the Renegades are not looking for another ally. We are here for a buisness proposal, and this is our side of the offer: Information.

I do not know how much you know of me, but for a time I was under the captivity of the Liberty Security Force, the reason for this was to pressure my men into violent angagments with the Rheinland forces from within. I have since escaped... But not without some valuble informaiton. It was not a simple task, but with time I was able to copy 2 encrypted files from the LSF directory...
[Image: LHR1.jpg]
[Image: LHR2.jpg]

The details of these files elude a man such as myself, the encryption is above the decoding level of even my brother, Alan Write. Now I wish to give them to you, the experts in such things. But this is not all I come bering...

I am sure you have heard tales, if not come across detailed information, of the Gallic forces in the far reaches of space. These "Royalists" have began dealings with the people of Sirius, and my assets have found such proof. The group known as the Omicron Supply Industry is under contract with them, and I am willing to throw in the proof of such a claim as well.

This is my offer, in representation of the Renegades. If you wish to become the holder of what I have to offer, simply tell me, and I will proceed with what the Renegades would like in return...

I await your reply.

Transmission Ends
[Image: begbar.png]

The Lane Hackers would like to obtain information from your Renegades.
Due to plans of ours, we are especially interested in the data concerning experimental weapons. I trust your diplomatic protocols are up to date and you will offer them without asking for any other compensation than the pleasure of speaking with me.

Furthermore, we may have heard rumors about this "Gallic" place, and frankly, unless you have accurate, backed up with sold proofs intel, we're not interested.

Bear in mind that if any data you provide appears to be faked or inaccurate, you and your group will be killed/discombobulated/atomized/nuked/slapped by Elektra/obliterated, in addition of being hunted by up to 73% of the total mercenary population of Sirius.

I am all ears. What do you require as a compensation ?

[Image: endbar.png]
[Image: Transmission.png]
He looks over the reply...


Professor Clay... It is an honor indeed. I am unsure if what you ask for without compensation is the weapon research or our diplomatic standing... So I will give you both. Controls to a remove vessel have been privately sent, you will find the weapons research within.
As for our reputation, our DATA SHEET speaks for itself. But here is a little more detail...

The Junkers, whom we work with to smuggle gathered cargo on our pirating operations as well as giving us use of their shipyard to construct our mobile station/research/manufacturing center, are among those we keep as close contacts.
And, the Outcasts, specifically the 101st'€¦ We have been working with them for quite some time. Hunting their enemies, spying for them, delivering Cardimine... They have even entrusted us with some of their vessels, just as they have you.

Now as for the information about happenings in Gallia. You will find the information regarding OSI's involvement with the Royalists, and their method of moving their cargo from their ships to the "hostile" bases quite detailed. The video feed is detailed, and should be right up your alley when it comes to intel.

As for our request, news of the weapons your Gunships possess has perked ears within the Renegades. We ask for copies of the Production Blueprints for your H4-Z "Brimstone" Lane Hacker Gunboat Turrets. With them we will be able to begin production of them for our vessels. No need for you to make them for us.

Though, amassing such prints and giving them away to a group may be costly no? So we are willing to offer a sum of 500million credits, on top of the List from the LPS and the information regarding the OSI and their workings with the Royalists of Gallia.

We await your response...

Transmission Ends
[Image: begbar.png]

The files have been recovered and are being decrypted as we speak. I believe they will prove to be relevant to our interests.

I don't know why you are so obsessed with the Zoner group known as OSI. They are a free corporation, and as such, trade with whoever they want without being forced by a government. They are not the first group to deal with the Gallic, and probably not the last. Moreover, we have little to no contact with them. Now, if you think that these proofs may still be interesting, feel free to provide us with them.

However, you will need to find another "compensation". We will never, ever give anyone our weapons blueprints, be it gunboat or fighter guns. That, and you would be unable to reproduce them anyway. The sum you proposed is also almost insulting. Really, 500 millions for the blueprints of the most advanced technology in Sirius ?
You'll have to think of something else.
[Image: endbar.png]
[Image: Transmission.png]
A strong young man speaks


The request for the blueprints was simply to ease any production or trade requirements on your side. Perhaps if my men pick up a limited amount? Say 7 sets to arm our vessels?

This reduction in request should make up for the, lets say, lacking in offered credits? Furthmore, after a breif consultation with my brother, Alan Write, the mind behind our research department, we are willing to give up an ongoing project to you...

Several months ago the Renegades came across a ship of the most unusual nature, a remnant of a once powerful race. All systems but the life support were down, and the entire crew was either dead or in Cryostasis. These few living members were transported to our Research Vessel, and the strange vessel disposed of. Alan found that these pilots possessed super human features, and their suits were outfitted with technology far beyond what we have availble to us today... Further investigations are proving difficult for him, but one man, and so he has offered up all paperwork as well as the 10 pilots who are still held in Cryostasis to you...
[Image: LHR3.jpg]
[Image: LHR4.jpg]

What say you?

Transmission Ends

If you truly believed that we would find that impressive then you severely underestimate our organisation.

Allow me to clarify what Mr Clay attempted to put politely concerning your request for our technology:

[Image: Transmission.png]
A strong young man speaks


Then please inform him the words "think of something else" were not necessary.

If for any reason you wish to take what we have offered, even if it only means armaments for 3 of our vessels, contact me. If not, then I guess this is goodbye...

Transmission Ends
*incoming transmission*
Comm ID: [TAZ]Doc Holliday
Location: Canaria Medical, Planet Gran Canaria
To: Lane Hacker Leadership
RE: Medical Equipment

Kallisti, Gentlemen,

I do believe this is the first time I have approached you as a group but after some technology I received long ago that has made a big difference in my work, I came to seek more.

Now, I don't know if you remember it, but I once did business with a stolen prison liner named Genesis that was commanded by a man by the name of Andre Bermon. Just after a couple of Freeports were bombed, I purchased some medical equipment from him. I am including a copy of the transmission that I was given by Captain Bermon himself. To date, it is the only record of the transaction.

Uploading: Record

That single piece of equipment has saved thousands of Zoner lives and has made my burn center aboard [TAZ]Med.Force.One something that gets talked a lot about. The "reproducer" as it's affectionately known, is the center of many conversations and with some power improvements, it's better still.

I ask the Lane Hackers if they have other items of medical gear that would be of help to us. As with Captain Bermon, wherever he may be, no mention of where the equipment came from will be mentioned.
I await your reply.

Dr. John Henry Holliday
TAZ Administrator
Owner, Med.Force.Enterprises
[color=#CC0044]Ⓢ[color=#CC1144]Ⓔ[color=#CC2244]Ⓝ[color=#CC3344]Ⓓ[color=#CC4444]Ⓘ[color=#CC5544]Ⓝ[color=#CC6644]Ⓖ ⓂⒺⓈⓈⒶⒼⒺ[color=#CC0000]☽


[color=#CC7777]═[font=Courier New][color=#CC8877]S[color=#CC9977]OURCE══╣ Zweihander

[font=Courier New]S[color=#CC9988]UBJECT══╣ Information

[font=Courier New]L[color=#CC9999]OCATION═╣ Rho-14


[color=#CC8888]Hello again.

[color=#CC6666]In order to collect the information on the parties you have mentioned, i've gained an access to some system monitoring the movements of spaceships around all Sirius. I have connections.

This system, of course, lacks the advantages your lane hacking technologies certainly have, but it has advantages of it's own. For example, people using it can do it anywhere. It has, of course, blnid spots due to human errors, but hey, what's perfect in this world. It can also, in comparsion to lane monitoring system, tell you about ships using jumpholes and the void of space, which is useful when you talk about, say, IND.

This is first 10 days of our monitoring on the parties you are interested in. First day is graphically presented, rest is text format. Oh, by the way, the time used is Hessian Standart Time. For no apparent reason, uh-huh. It's +3 from Global Standart Time.

I could keep an eye on them for a long long time. Advanced communication technologies on your Bayonet Heavy Fighter and Broadsword Light Bomber could probably provide us a direct link between us, too, which would mean this:

You can get information on their movements anywhere, anytime (if i'm around, that is), and pretty much without delay.

Oh, and one more thing. Interested in info around Gallia? I'm currently working there.

<div align="right][color=#CC66AA]Ⓜ[color=#CC77AA]Ⓔ

Attachment [color=#CCFF99]►
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[Image: begbar.png]
Doctor Holliday,

While our organization possesses the best technology available in Sirius, medical equipment is not quite our specialty. Of course, we have our own devices, but they are probably bested by the gear already present on the famous Med Force One.
However, I believe that the brainpower of our expert teams, combined with the experience of yours, will allow to design a wide variety of equipments.

Which brings us to the "Why ?"... You have heard of us, we do not conclude deals without a compensation.
I trust you have something in mind that would make it worthwhile for us.

[Image: endbar.png]