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Konnichiwa Mr Hebishima.

It is heartening to see that our message delivered in-space by our operative to your associate was processed quickly and efficiently. You have our sincere thanks for your deliveries and your compensation will soon be anonymously wired to your account. H-fuel is one of the most strategically important commodities in Sirius and thus we couldn't entrust its delivery to no one else other than our Hogosha partners.

The Association is now a contractor in our Job Board and we would like you to submit any future fuel deliveries directly in that channel. Speaking about the future, there are some interesting developments happening in Kusari. Destruction and chaos ensues but I also see hope arising.

Mr Hebishima, I would like to invite and discuss those developments with you privately on Leiden Base. I will make sure you will be properly accommodated.

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Hello Ms Saeki.

Of course we recognize a fellow Lane Hacker, how are you my dear? It seems you are quite close to Professor Hunter, referring to her in such an informal way. Well, perhaps allow me to inform you that Ms Hunter is still our dear Associate Professor, she is simply unavailable at the moment since she is participating on a very important mission.

The current and undisputed Hacker in charge is Senior Professor Moriarty, a legacy among our ranks and terror among our enemies. As for what you can do to further our agenda, our Mission Archives offer a very good collection of things that need to be done. Furthermore, we are on the lookout for more samples of Azurite, a rare rocky material of nomad origin.

Finally, I was asked to relay to you that the rare and priviliged invitation to join the inner circle is still available, should you wish that.

Auf Wiedersehen.
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The transaction has been a success. As promised I am forwarding all data necessary to complete the transaction fully.
A pleasure doing business with you.

:::Incomming Data:::
:::Data Received:::

I hope you find all this... interesting.


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Surely, my state of mind is as clouded as ever. Pay no mind to that, however. I apologize for the delay. I wished to relay this message to you quicker, but, there's a reason why that didn't happen.

I didn't want to come empty handed. Allow me to add a summary of my "findings" to this message.

Narrative 1#

During a regular visit to the Tau regions, I have spotted a rather interesting sight. Sadly, the conversation was resembling gibberish on his side, so I'd rather not include that, to prevent unnecessary headaches. Additional scan of the vessel can be found here. As much as I could make out from his.... "speech", I managed to at least have a guess at his motives. Shooting Cardamine transports are one. Luckily, the pilot isn't exactly adept in gunboat piloting. Still, the sheer power of the vessel can be troublesome. He did try to shoot at me, with the least possible success.

Narrative 2#

The second encounter happened a few days ago, on my way back, in the Coronado system. Just in case the guncams wouldn't be enough to determine the location. I had encountered this vessel about a year ago, while it was still flying under the colors of the 5th fleet. Things have changed apparently. Find the logs included below. My trash-talking could have revealed some important information.

Detailed scans on the vessel: 1# 2# 3# 4#
Due to a guncam malfunction, the last picture was lost. It featured the scan of the vessel's armor, which was the highest grade capital armor.

Quite an interesting gathering.

Sadly, I'll have to refuse your kind invitation to the inner circle. I prefer my current stance, as it is. If you'd wish to make my life easier slightly, I have an idea for that. I do not wish to contaminate this channel further with my reports. Should you find a method that is preferable by your group, contact me.

Until we meet again,


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Guten Tag.

These are very interesting reports, the second one in fact seems to be a continuation of the events reported by Initiate Tarn. The current state of affairs are deemed satisfactory by the Lane Hackers, rogue elements of LN fighting their former comrades-in-arms is something which we would definitely like to maintain, so there is no need for the Hackers to intervene in any way.

As for your question, that's an easy one. All of my colleagues, inner circle or not, have unlimited access to all the locations of our index and thus they can report their latest activities or conduct internal communication (like what we are currently doing) in the Internal Comms, complete missions listed in the Mission Archives, or whatever else they find appropriate. The only thing which you don't have access to, Ms Saeki, is a number of important functions offered by the Mactan Network.

By the way, is that wine you are pouring down? Perhaps we could share a better drink if you ever visit me at Cochrane.

Auf Wiedersehen.
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~ Consider that invitation hereby accepted.

Mr So-Kinh,

Your registration to the Lane Hackers Job Board has been cancelled after you failed to make any claims during your trial period.

Kind regards,
Mission Commission
A group of pirates turns to You with a request for cooperation in trade of Cardamine and Slaves in our pirate station in Border Worlds. We want customers and protection.
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I was wondering if The Lane Hackers could be of some help.
A club member of mine is interested in trade lane technology... rather... he is interested in how the lanes operate and what is the mechanics behind it.
Is it possible to get some information on the subject? We are willing to pay a fair price for the intel.

For what? He's working on a project, pretty much. Something about using that kind of technology on a ship.