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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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Greetings, miss Hardy.

I'll introduce myself quickly: Maximillian Largo of the Lane Hackers. Pleased to make you acquaintance.

Your skillset in extorting corporate miners and abilities to acquire any good from all around Sirius - including Gallia - is very interesting indeed. And your deeds do nothing else but to confirm such.

You'll be a useful asset for us to rely upon when in need, miss Hardy, I'm sure of it. And I'm also sure that mr.Thackeray himself would vouch out for you. Besides, the Lane Hackers always had a friendly relation with Junkers, overall.

To a lenghty and durable business.

Maximillian Largo

Sender: Amina Rodriges
[Image: CFPggy4.jpg]

Receiver: Lane hackers Professors
Location: Bering
Subject: Spyglass scanner
Encryption: Unbreakable

Dear Professors of the Lane Hackers.

As I have talked to Mister Largo. I would like to make use of our Deal Mister Largo got some valuable Informations from me and he will check them by himself. I also talked to him about our secret project the Informations about it can be sent over a secured channel if needed. So now I would like to request a Spyglass scanner that fits on a Liner so we can finish our Project and make use of it. Of course we will pay the full price for this scanner. I would be pleased to get a awnser soon.

Best wishes and thank you.

Amina Rodriges


PATRONAGE POLICY: To all individuals interested in acquiring Lane Hacker technology, spare yourself the trouble and do not ask. Technology transfer requests will be considered only if coming from an official executive of commonly recognized factions.
[Image: GC_bla.png]

Kon'nichiwa, haikei Lane Hackers.

I am contacting you regarding an unusual discovery within our home space. A patrol of our vessels stumbled upon an abandoned Gas Miner. After first checks, the Golden Chrysanthemums decided it is worth to seize this station.
Unfortunately whatever was stored on there was gone already with the exception of some Helium-3 reserves. More importantly is the fact that we are currently facing an issue. This Gas Miner's internal systems are secured through unexpected high security measures such as several seemingly complex firewalls. Therefore we did not manage to get full control over the station's systems yet. This is hindering our operations.

We seek you out to assist us with this issue. We are certain the Lane Hackers are able to work on a Virus or other methods to break through the firewalls and reset or locate the access codes we require to take over this base. Naturally we are ready to help you there however we can.
For sure the Lane Hackers should receive an adequate way of compensation for the services you may provide to us. The compensation's conditions can be discussed. Naturally we will offer the Lane Hacker Inner Circle permanent docking access to the installation once we managed to bring it back to a fully operational status under our colors. It should benefit both sides as a waypoint and storage facility.

We look forward to your reply.

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[Image: RXg8By6.png]

Name: Niccolò di Lupia
Subject: Contract

The Lane Hacker Professors.

Good Evening.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Niccolò di Lupia, master of the Serenissima and commander of the MNS Saint Mark. I've reached out to you today in the hopes of securing a diplomatic line, and the potential of a secure contract. Specifically, a contract on our mutual enemies.

I've already prepared some of the relevant information, and you will find attached a small compilation of our successes in combat[1][2][3], and our standard diplomatic sheets[4].

Waiting on your reply and interest.

N. di Lupia
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Ms Amaia,

It is so good to hear from you again. You are like a flower who makes my day a little bit brighter.

Erm.. about your message I think we can help you out. We have too many professional hackers within LH and they can definitely override the outdated civilian firewall of this old gas miner. Receiving docking access in return is something which does not interest us. Instead we'd like a permanent discount on the fuel sales coming from it. Fuel is critical for our operations and finding it is not always easy.

So how do you want us to proceed?

[Image: dcr9Wjn.png][Image: 2.png]

Senior Niccolò di Lupia,

Your offer for mercenary services has been accepted. The Serenissima group is added as an on-trial contractor in our Job Board. Score four kills within a month from now and you will become a permanent contractor for the Lane Hackers.
[Image: GC_bla.png]

Kon'nichiwa, Weisen-san.

When I am brightening up your day that much. Let me appear here again.
While we did not start an analysis of the small cloud so far, it is quite clear that the amounts of resources we can extract from there are minimal.
We would not mind sharing them with you though. In addition to the harvested materials, we will use it as a storage facility anyways.
Most goods there would be available to the Lane Hackers then, this also includes a certain storage of H-Fuel. We can offer it you for a fair price, not as cheap as the Gas Miners but definetly cheaper than the Zoners of Ames or other parties sell it to you. We thought about a standard unit price of 900 Credits. This is relatively cheap compared to the availability and distance to the major H-Fuel source in the Sigmas and even a bit cheaper than the price we demand on Ainu. In addition to this discount, we could also organize a monthly delivery of 7.000 units of H-Fuel to Leiden which do not require the payment of an additional 2.000 credits per unit as stated on your Job Board. We would be satisfied with a bonus of just 1.000 per unit for the above mentioned 7.000 units each month. For how long you would want such a scheduled delivery can be discussed but at first for the next 3 months surely does not sound bad at all?

How does this sound to you? I am looking forward to your reply, Mr. Weisen.

[Image: FZ7he12.png]
[Image: GC_bla.png]


The lack of a notification of any kind about my prior message raised a few concerns. Is everything alright in Liberty and if not can we help you in any form?
I would also like to make clear that our request is rather urgent, given the vulnerable state of the Gas Miner we need to obtain full control over its primary systems as soon as possible. Until now we waited for you but if there are matters more important than helping us out, we will look elsewhere for assistance.

Thank you for your attention.

[Image: FZ7he12.png]