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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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:: incoming transmission

Source: Duessel
From: Darmstadt Depot, Stuttgart
Subject: Bounty
Encryption: High

It's been a while since the last time we talked, but I am certain you are just as busy as I am. So, off to business, quite a few more hunters bit the dust, but only two of them were BHG| or EDGE tagged...a pitty, I must say. As you can see, one was killed in a duel with me, the other was killed by a a certain mister Ash, a Lane Hacker. He approved of me claiming that kill here, since we both fought a number of Bounty Hunters toghether. Here are the attached files:


And for a slightly different matter...I do know the terms of our deal, but I wondered if we could modify them a bit, as to...speed up the process. You see, we have friends in the so-called House of Gallia as well, and while assisting said friends my vessel has been shot down and destroyed. I need a replacement urgently and I thought what a better choice if not the quite renowned Lane Hacker Bayonet...

Since I suppose you don't give them away easily, here is what I offer, do say if you require anything else:

- First of all, we will finish the original contract and eliminate the remaining Hunters without asking for anything else in return.
- Also. we intercepted this transmission. Mister Blazer wanted to sell them to a private bidder, but I managed to acquire them and have them delivered to Cochrane today.
- Finally, a deposit of one hundred million credits to a neural net account of your choice.

Please let me know if you find these terms acceptable.

That'd be all,
Duessel. data...

To Shinobi Agency :
I will notify the professor about your request so you will get an answer soon.

To Mr.Duessel :
First of all, thank you for the delivery of the gate/lane parts. On your request for Bayonet, I'm sure you are aware that Bayonet is a Heavy Fighter class vessel, which mostly exceeds in tasks against same or smaller crafts. We both realize that similar class vessel are mainly used by police groups which I'm sure aren't primary targets for both of our organizations. Furthermore Sabre the Very Heavy Fighter class vessel would fit much better for your tasks. Which can be acquired on many places, amongst them on our Mactan base as well. Good luck with your previous task. terminated...
:: incoming transmission

Source: Duessel
From: Stuttgart
Subject: Bayonet
Encryption: High

Mister Pistols,

I assure you I am well aware of the Bayonet's combat abilities, as well as the Sabre's. I gave it some thought and I am still certain that the Bayonet is more fitted for the task at hand. As such, I please you to re-consider my request. If your answer is still no......well...I will not go that far ahead of myself.

I will wait your reply. Have a good day, mister Pistols. data...

I'll give you a more profound insight in my decision. Goals of your organization and goals of the Lane Hackers aren't similar, except for some of the enemies we share. While I am sure you would find Bayonet suitable for your tasks at hand, there isn't a notable reason where granting you one would be useful for us. I'm aware of the fact you would love to change my mind, but my decision is not subject to change. terminated...
:: incoming transmission

Source: Stuttgart
From: Duessel
Subject: Bayonet
Encryption: High

Indeed I would like you to change your mind, but it's your technology after all. I will keep trying, however. In the meantime, I will look for a suitable replacement.

Have a good day.

Shinobi Agency:

We welcome the assistance of those with the wits, efficiency, and good sense to provide it appropriately.
You may commence operations and collections.
Note that we do not accept double dealing in any form. If you are detected operating on behalf of any of our foes in Liberty, your welcome will be terminated.
~Incoming Transmission~

Encryption Level; *5*
User ID: Deadshot
Recipients; Hackers.

~Transmission Begins~

Hello there.

If You're reading this then You obviously had the skill and knowledge to hack such an encrypted file.

This obviously means That this message has reached the right people.

My name is John Deed, People know me as Deadshot... Because of my accuracy of course.

I'm looking for work and I believe We can help each other.

See, I've Nearly ran out of work in most of the other houses, what with the Underworld Failing in the other houses its been hard times.

But I'm smart enough to realise..if You want to survive in this word! You better look for more work elsewhere!

Which brought me to the formidable Lane hackers.

Now, with employing me You must understand You will be employing my...Better half known as ColdZero.
People call her Zero or whatever, Unfortunately i can't tell you her real name without her say so, else she would well... Cut off a certain part of my body which i would like to keep.

Well I guess You guys are going to want Re assurance from us, that we're Legit?
So... The next time you hear from me, I'll have a few Heads to show you eh? Navy and EDGE Heads! Hah!

~Transmission Lost~ data...

To Mr.John Deed :

I have just read it so I obviously had the skill and knowledge to hack such an encrypted file even if it was sent to our channel. So if I understand well, you and your better half want to work for us. Well Mr.Deed you and your better half will have to provide us your Identification papers and IFF transponders, which should be set to friendly with the Lane Hackers. terminated...
[Image: Deadshot.png]

Hey pal.

I got your message quite quickly believe it or not.

Here's what You asked for;

That's my Stuff, I'll get the lass to Send you a message herself with her gear aswell.

Thanks a bunch!

John "Deadshot" Deed

[Image: BOTTECH.png]
[Image: Deadshot.png]


Looks like My partner ain't gonna be Working for you anytime soon.

Stupid bitch thinks she can break up from me,
Then Decides that she might make some money on the lawful side?

I think not!
If i see her around...She'll be in for it.

Well Atleast You folks get the Better half of the deal eh?

[Image: BOTTECH.png]