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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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Dear Mr Forges,

Any new group of mercenaries, such as yourself, has to prove themselves first in order to work for us. We accept you for a trial period of one month during which your task will be to deliver us at least four kills. If you successfully accomplish this task, you will become our permanent contractors.

Good hunting,
Mission Commission
>>> Incoming Transmission <<<

Name: James McClallen aka Clown
Ship: Cougar Gallic Bomber
Origin: Libertonian
Affiliation: Freelancer
Identification: Freelancer

Hello dear Lane Hackers,

I am here to sign up on your nice Job Board. My name is James McClallen, also known as Clown. I am a Libertonian. I worked for alot of companies, but the one that betrayed me is the Liberty Navy. I was traveling in the Texas system, when 4 Navy Fighters engaged me, and Im here to kill them. I see your board pays very well for their heads, so...... can I sign up? Also, before you ask about my ship, I got it from a Junker who found it and fixed it, cost me 35.000.000 SC. Also, I am a big fan of the Reavers, so I said why not get me one of these like the famous Reavers?

Good standing with Lane Hackers

James McClallen

>>> Transmission Lost <<<
Name: Lucia Jay Sandera
Affilation: Freelancer
Location: New York, Buffalo
Ship(s): Virage, Havoc MK II
To: Lane Hackers
Subject: Job

G'Day Hackers,
My name is Lucia J. Sandera and I'm alone Freelancer looking for job. My father was pirate and I have his gens *smiles* , but pirating isn't job for me. Better job for me is hunting traders, police, Navy and enemies of unlawfuls. Why? Because I can destroy ship, receive money and make lot of friends. I'd like work for you Hackers and your friends in Liberty, like Rogues and Outcasts *smiles*. I think that's all from me.

Now I'm uploading files ... [b]Reputations


Bye Lucia.[/b]
>>>> Transmission Boosted <<<<

Dear Mr McClallen,

Our operatives have seen you in action several times. It appears that causing chaos is in your blood. It's only a formality, but you will have to deliver us two kills in a months from now to be accepted as a permanent contractor.

Good hunting,
Mission Commission

Dear Ms Sandera,

As any mercenary willing to work for us you will have to prove yourself first. Deliver us two kills in a month from now and you will be accepted as a permanent contractor.

Good hunting,
Mission Commission
*Incomming transmission*
From: La Veuve Noire.
To: The Lane Hackers
Subject: A Gallic Technology that may pick your fancy.

Greetings from Gallia, Geeks and Freaks. I heard you boys were the best at what you do. I represent interests of an organisation within Gallia named the Unione Corse. My friends in the Liberty Rogues were nice enough to point me to this channel.

Let me put this out of the way already: The Corse are neither Royalists, nor are they Anti-Royalists. We're Moneyists, if you know what I mean. Oh, the puns I make, I'll kill myself with laughters, one day.

Perhaps you're familiar with a certain Gallic technology known as 'Holo-tainments', a virtual reality device which lets one feel and experience the virtual environment around them. Yet, there are several restraints and 'protections' built into these devices to prevent them from being 'too addictive'.

We, at the Corse, believe this to be nonsense.

As a result, we've been spending the last few decades unlocking these devices to let our customers fully enjoy the experience of their programs. The product isn't entirely safe, though, and the results of our product began worsening over the years. We believe that Solar Engineering recently began inserting failsafes into their products, such as frequencies that fry the brains of certain costumers more sensitive to the product than others to try to scare the population away from them.

As a result, the business isn't as fructuous as it could be, and Sirius is missing out, if you know what I mean. Perhaps we could begin a partnership in regard to this issue?

La Veuve Noire

[Image: OrlovFormal.png]

Good evening Madame

Indeed we have heard of and used your lovely holo-tainment bands. Also we have brought several shipments back to Sirius from our trips into Gallic space. These trips have grown rare of late. Perhaps it is time to again visit your corner of space, oui ?

I will admit, I am not sure what it is you seek from us. Are you looking for a way to more safely unlock these devices, or in some other way modify them to your needs? Or are you looking to expand your market into new profitable territories? Once you explain your objectives, then perhaps we can see if they harmonize with our own, and of course, come to a mutualy profitable situation.

I will await your response. Au revoir.
[Image: 1a.png][Image: 15.png]
Dear Madam,

It appears you're not aware of our previous arrangement with Parrain Zechs Marquise. I am not sure about the current state of affairs in Unione Corse, however, if you're really representing Corse you should have access to archives of our negotiations. First of all, I would like to know who exactly are you representing, especially whether you spoke on behalf of the whole Unione Corse or just a certain faction. Also, as stated by Mr Orlov, I would like to know more details about your proposal and needs. Rest assured, that as always, we are eager to conduct business with you.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter
Ahoy there, i am a friendly freelancer who is looking for some work.
The following required data has been attached along with proofs.

Full name:Leo Oscar

Ship Name/s:Silver.Fang, Silver.Fang'

Your Affiliation:Freelancer

Proof of affiliation and papers:Silver.Fang ID, Silver.Fang IFF, Silver.Fang' ID, Silver.Fang' IFF

I await your answer to hunt.