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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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She taps the console lightly, making more space along the bandwidth for the transmission.

Er ... Just checking up, I haven't heard a thing in quite awhile, and ah ... well, I'm ready on this end. Just curious as to how things are going along in regards to decision making on your end or if you even received the transmission at all.

She gives a sheepish smile and shrugs lightly.

If your still ah ... deliberating, I apologize for retransmitting. data...

Sorry, miss O'Connel, it seems that your request has been denied for various bureaucratic reasons. I guess that must be the curse of company-raised organizations. I should have known that by hearth, that notice is on it's place for a time now.
' Wrote:
To All individuals interested in the acquisition of Lane Hacker Technology :

Do not ask.

The Lane Hackers will only consider technology transfer requests from an official executive of your faction. In Rogue-speak, that means 'da boss'. No requests will be considered if made by anyone else. Individuals will be denied without regard for any prior or existing arrangements.
Well, that's it. However I guess I can point you to a loophole. If you manage to make one of your Elders to back your request up, I'm sure it will pass trough our administration in no time.

Ahh, and sorry for the response took so long, I was trying to get that request approved, but you see even our own dockmasters on Mactan refuses to let us takeoff if we don't have the proper authenticated admission signed by the Logistics and Stellar Meteorology department. terminated...

}--Incomming Un-Authorised Signal--{

>>>Action?- Blocked

}--Frequency Chenged, Sender Location-Static--{

>>>Action?- Access Forced- feed intiating.

***Incomming Transmission***

>>>Recipiant Adress: Phate, Sanguinetti, Morriarty
>>>Encryption Level: High
>>>Sender ID: Chenzo
>>>Sender Location: Planet Malta, Omicron Alpha.
>>>Topic: Equipment deals.

**(A tall man apears on screen, with a booming voice begins to speak)**

Hmm, Hola, You need to fix this channel, it's almost impossible to send a feed through.. or maybe that's what you want, Hey, i'm not made for hacking.

Adressing Morriarty, sanguinetti and Phate Only

Anyways, Greeting's.

I have had a few brief disscussions on private secure channels, for which I have recieved confrimation to finally make a recorded log of negotiations. In the interest of the Maltese capital fleet, I am requesting the use of one of your more advanced technologys.

For testing and System defence purposes only, I am requesting to aquire 11 Hacker Battleship Turrets being the offocial technolagy request (for the record.)

This will not only bennifit each of our polotical inteests, but giving much needed funding to the Hackers. Also feedback will be given as to how the technology works alongside Outcast vessles and powercore capabilities.

The technolagy modifications will affect the "MNS-Loyalist" under heavy 101st contoll.

I can regularly be found in my private Sabre acompanying the 101st squadrens supporting your cause in the Liberty area.

The MNS-Loyalist and her loyal crew over time have earnt the trust and respect of all of the maltese fleet.

My superiour Admiral will contact you to arrange the transfure of funds and equipment , aswell as aranging some of your engineer's to mount the techology, plus teach my personal engineer's how to do so via private Secure channels should you accept.

Should the bennifits not already out-weigh in your favor, I personally am wiling to negotiate in what ways that need be done to aquire a arangement that works in both of our favours. I will also be diverting somemore shipments of Cardimine to the locations you ask, Current destination is the Mactan base. There's only so much that can be hauld there, if you get my drift.

Thankyou for your time. I am contactable on channel 243690, Encryption code 846.

>>>Initiating encryption and lock down---Complete

***Transmission Terminated***
[Connecting to global server... Connected]
[Encryption started...]
[Location: .:encrypted:.]
[Comm ID: .:encrypted:.]
[Rerouting transmission...]
[Sending transmission...]

Greetings Lane Hackers,
My name is Victoria Lesley and I'm an ex-hacker, now working as a mercenary, still supporting the hackers and their allies ofcourse. I'm contacting you with the request to be lend one Bayonet Heavy Fighter. I used to pilot such ship before, but after leaving the Lane Hackers I was forced to hand over all Hacker technology back at Mactan. From there I had to buy a ship more widely spread - the Border World Very Heavy Fighter or "Sabre", as many call it. And as great that ship was it had something missing that was present in the Bayonet model, the way it handled or maybe just nostalgia for my old home...

Ofcourse, before contacting you here I did a bit research on how widely this fine piece of craft is spread across Sirius and it turned out that the only groups I have records of having this vessle are the 101st Outcast Guard, the Hellfire Legion, the Vagrant Raiders and the rest of the hacker pilots, which means the ship is highly valued by the organisation, which isn't surprising to me. I also contacted Professor Sanguinetti and had a nice talk with him about the ship and to who I should address the transmission - Senior Professor Moriarty. He also adviced me to find someone to back me up on this request. In my case it was the Rheinland Arbeitergewerkschaft or AGS for short. I will transfer the transmission I had from their high command...

[Transfering data... File downloaded... Open? YES / NO]

I also do know that just being a good friend with the Unioners and the LWB might not be enough for me to get back my old ship, so I am ready to face Terms I must agree on before getting the ship.

I will be awaiting your response, Victoria out.

[Transmission ended...]
[Encryption ended...]
[Connection lost...]



Your offer is generous, but unfortunately our resources were reallocated some time ago from the further production of weapons systems we have no need of replacing towards the pursuit of certain ventures that we shall not further reveal.

It is possible that some other group who has access to Fort Leniex has expended its material energies towards the production of these weapons systems. If so, their activities may be to your benefit. Such provision is of no interest to us.

We wish you well in the furtherance of the Orange Dream.

Victoria Lesley:

There is a repeating message embedded in the carrier wave for this channel that addresses requests such as yours. Reaccess the originating message to retrieve it. We extend our apologies for the inflexibility of our nature, such as it is, it is the only nature we have. It is possible that another group operating from Vespucci may be able to supply you with a surplus fighter. If so, fly it well in accordance with our mutual interests.
Best Regards.

Colin Breen :

In accord with our previous offer of assistance in intelligence matters involving Corsair infiltration of Bretonia, I am forwarding you a copy of a recent mission log entry. I trust that you can put this information to good use, defined as another dead Corsair.
------Incoming Transmission------
  • [color=#FFFFFF]-- Transmission Source: Arranmore Base
    -- Dispatcher ID: Colin Breen
    -- Recipient ID: Professor Moriarty
    -- Subject: Corsairs
    -- Encryption: Level V
[font=Agency FB]

This information should be quite useful, thank you. We're rather concerned about any Corsair warships that might be operating in our space... we'd also like intelligence on them as well, if you're up for that sort of thing if or when you do see more of it. We'll put this (and possibly that, in the future) to good use.

If you need anything from our end, don't hesitate to ask.

-- Breen

[font=Agency FB][color=#33CC00]------End Transmission------

}--Incomming Un-Authorised Signal--{


>>>Action?- Access Forced- feed intiating.

***Incomming Transmission***

>>>Recipiant Adress: LH High Command
>>>Encryption Level: High
>>>Sender ID: Chenzo
>>>Sender Location: Planet Malta, Omicron Alpha.
>>>Topic: Equipment deals.

**(A tall man apears on screen, Looking rather anoyed, begins to speak)**

Hola seniours, Got the hang of this thing now, got through first time !

Adressing The Lane Hacker High Command

Your transmission was recieved and i am most dissapointed, However, that is part of negotiations, fail sometimes occours. I am sure that you all will have the same support from myself and those i support reguardless of this hiccup.

It was a rather large favour, si, si.

If you change your "interests" be sure to let me know on the same encryption cannel

Chenzo out.

>>>Initiating encryption and lock down---Complete

***Transmission Terminated***
*Incoming transmission*
Comm ID: Hanako Ayuka- Black Dragon Society
[Image: geishaq.jpg]
Target: Leiden Base

Konnichiwa honourable Hackers,

it has indeed been some time since we last were in contact with each others. Stressful times forced us to focus our operations within Kusari to contain internal troubles. Today, with Kusari's situation rising once again, we are contacting you in hope to form a trustworth relationship with you, as it should have always stayed.

If you wish so, the Black Dragon Society will once again supply Leiden base with Artifacts, and, should you need so, basic goods to help you survive the harsh worlds that are the independent systems. As our former contract stated, you will have, in exchange, the right to operate in Shikoku system for as long as you do not attack Kusari affiliated vessels. All Libertonian, Rheinlander, independent, and especially Bretonian targets are fair games.

We truly feel dishonoured for abandoning you without a proper explanation, but we are ready to repair our mistakes and build stronger bonds.

Hanako Ayuka,
Commercial Relationships and Partnerships, Black Dragon Society.
-Refreshing string of data-