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……comm.ID.Looter recognized…transmission.encrypted…uploading data……

This sounds weird. I'll look into it. We really don't want to alienate the Zoners, Leiden needs some stuff here and there. But that all depends on what you were doing, mister. Zoners are a diverse group of individuals after all. So, don't get too high on the Marijuana.

………hack terminated……
Comm ID: Arranmore Base, Dublin

From: Daniel Barnabas, Consul of the Union of Gold

To: Lane Hacker Command

Dear sirs, as you may know we are locked in combat with the Colonial Remnant in Dublin. I also understand you have been stepping up attacks on Bretonia. I there for would like to ask for an alliance against the Colonials. The scum attacked us first, although we attacked one of their exploration ships BEFORE I was in command, I asked if they would except compensation or an apology. They denied and attacked Arranmore destroying a cruiser, gunboat, and fighter. I had no choice but to declare war, and I fear if their entire army comes we couldn't hold out much longer. I ask you, our friends, to join our cause. The Reapers of Sirius have already agreed to this and are sending down men to Arranmore. I ask you to consider this letter, but by all means, don't feel like you must help.

End Transmission...
Daniel Barnabas, Out

At this time I offer the assistance of The Lane Hackers against any aggression from the so-called Colonial Remnant. Their trade vessels will now be taxed for passage at every opportunity, and their combat ships engaged when they enter Dublin.
Together we shall teach these interloping meddlers some manners.
**Incoming Transmission**
Comm ID: Zacarias Poncho, personal communicator

Hello Moriarty. Since we last spoke, I have risen to quite some power inside the Blue Lotus Syndicate, and am in a position to extend some diplomatic conditions to you.

You would be allowed to buy and move Cardamine (from us) to any base you see fit, which most definitely includes your own

In return, we ask for nothing more than escort in Liberty space if we so request it, and a free exchange of weaponry; Hellflurries for Krakens, we could supply you with as many as you need, fully modifiable to your high standards.

Also, an interesting prospect we are offering you is that you can put some of your smuggling vessels under the BLS flag, with a Hacker transponder and IFF, with an altered [BLS-LH] tag. There would be no fee, and is nothing but a show of our good faith to you and your organization.

Think upon what I said, and if you desire anything else, please feel free to let me know.

**End Transmission**

Quote:<span style="font-size:10pt;line-height:100%]You would be allowed to buy and move Cardamine (from us) to any base you see fit, which most definitely includes your own
In return, we ask for nothing more than escort in Liberty space if we so request it, and a free exchange of weaponry; Hellflurries for Krakens, we could supply you with as many as you need, fully modifiable to your high standards.
Quote:<span style="font-size:10pt;line-height:100%]Also, an interesting prospect we are offering you is that you can put some of your smuggling vessels under the BLS flag, with a Hacker transponder and IFF, with an altered [BLS-LH] tag. There would be no fee, and is nothing but a show of our good faith to you and your organization.
There is no logistical benefit to us in this proposal at the current time.

You've Got Mail!

To: Whom it May concern at Mactan Base
From: Public terminal in Trafalgar Base

I come to you with a Request as an independent Junker. To cut right to the point, I'm interested in purchasing one of your Lane Hacker Gunships. Now I know that these gunships are important to you because they contain your hacking servers and computers that you use to get your valuable information. Now I do not want your hacking software, you can purge it from the systems.

I have instead another use for the servers, which is the primary reason I require one of your finely crafted ships. By studing some of the wreckage of your ships located in Southampton Debris Field (probably depositted there by the local Navy after engagements) I have determined that I can rig the servers and the ship with software and triple redundancies the ship can both survive an insane amount of damage and function, as well as automating all the systems.

The second Reason is because a Junker Codemonkey at Rochester Base has developed a software package that can interface with any ship scanner and using some complex algorithms and whatnot (I'm not to computer savy) can scan for the newest, most concentrated, and most valuable locations of scrap, uping productivity.

As both a Junker and independent I do not have much to offer you besides the asking price of the ship. Although I can offer to aid any Lane Hacker ship engaged with lawful forces in any system I am in, lending myself out to protection and Lane Hacker opperations when asked, and aiding in bringing basic supplies when asked. If you have any other terms, please reply with them, and I will see what I can do.

As an act of good faith I shall enclose below the plans and software allowing you to put the same redundancy/automation modification on your own gunships, and a loss to hacking resources. I shall also try to see if my codemonkey friend will allow me to give you the "scrap sniffer" software as he calls it. While scrap is probably of no use to you, you can probably find a way to modify it to find other sorts of goods.

I await your reply,


[Modification specs and code.rtf]
----Encryption Enabled----
---Incoming Transmission---

Comm ID: Taisho Ai Takeda, Golden Chrysanthemum
Origin: Morioka Base, Tau-65
To: The leader of the Lane Hackers

Konnichiwa, true heart of Ageira.

I have a proposition for you, in that we look for an alliance with your organisation, in order to further distribute Cardamine for our esteemed mutual friends, the Outcasts. We also desire landing priviledges at Leiden Base in Galileo, as we sometimes enter there to attack the Kusari Navy or to waylay Samura shipping while it is beyond the protective range of Kusari warships in Shikoku.

I am sure that there is much to be gained by our mutual co-operation, but needless to say this is merely the first opening communication of what will hopefully be an agreeable discourse on our future relations. I may mention for completion that the first half of this message has also been sent out to the Rogues of Liberty with a similar offer and only slight changes, since our diplomatic proposals are much the same. However, we are prepared to offer you access to our bases and Cardamine supply routes.

Access to Ainu Depot in Hokkaido might prove especially invaluable to yourselves, as the corrupt shell of Ageira has invested huge sums of money and manpower into the Chugoku gate construction site, which we and the Blood Dragons would certainly desire your assistance in bringing to a mutually acceptable conclusion. Namely, the destruction of the gate and all Ageira/DSE assets within the system. Since the Lane Hackers are the true soul of Ageira, I fully expect you to be able to crack their security measures with the greatest of ease. I think you also would wish to see Ageira badly hurt in this respect.

This is something which the Golden Chrysanthemums have so far been unable to accomplish, as we do not have many good slicers within our ranks. The Shogunate does not feel that computer programming and compiling is a suitable subject for females within Kusari, and as such all our existing skills have been learned from what we have taught ourselves. Perhaps you might be able to assist us with some training in this regard. I therefore await your reply on this diplomatic proposal, and hope it will lead to greater things between our two honourable organisations.

May Amaterasu look favourably upon you in all your undertakings.

Taisho Takeda out.

---Transmission End---
---Encryption Disabled---

Junker Johns,
Since you have already managed to steal one of our Gunships while on a courtesy tour of our production facility, I regard your message as a demand rather than a request.
I do not react well to demands.
Especially not demands that are followed by attacks on Lane Hacker personnel in order to facilitate the theft of our ships.
Fortunately for you, the guard whom you incapacitated during your tour has recovered.
Unfortunately for you, I am not reacting well.
You have the choice of returning that Gunship, or being hunted as a thief and reprobate until your manners considerably improve, and our production facility receives its Gunship back.

GC Taisho Takeda,
I will be responding in more depth to your message after further consideration of your proposal.
In the meantime, I return your positive sentiments.
The non-descript Carmara freighter glides into bay alongside an aged LH Gunship. The obvious signs of battle and repair can be traced on its hull. Near the edges of the wings, ports are plated up where antennas and data receivers have been removed.

The Outcast known as Basilisk steps off the freighter and grimaces at the sight. "She is going to need a lot of work." He signals back to the crew of the freighter to start unloading the cargo. Several new Outcast gunboat turrets are placed on the hanger deck along with armor plates and a rather large Outcast transponder.

It was a long trip from Malta, Basilisk had been stationed against his will in the heart of Liberty to be a distraction to Liberty forces so that the shipments could get through and to marshal some of the independent pirates in the area. Until recently, the plan had worked. He had made breech after breach in Liberty's net drawing even whole fleets of Dreadnaughts, Cruisers and Gunboats out of their positions in his light fighter until, that is, a few fighters had mastered foreign missile tech brought in by the LSF. He was now in an ever increasing fight for his life. His loved fighter was coming back to base missing all of its hard to get outcast weaponry, and large sections of hull.

One evening after a more brutal fight then normal with LSF ace Fluid, an old nemesis, he contacted Outcast command requesting the commission of a heavier ship. It was granted and he returned to Malta to bring back the equipment necessary to outfit it. Officials on Malta told him to land at Mactan to secure his new vessel.

So here he was looking at his possible chariot. Cranes in the hanger bays where already lifting parts into place. He could see several men carrying off what looked like large computer systems that had been removed from the ship. After almost a week of refit the ship was serviceable and brought out on a few break in cruises. Despite her aged appearance she handled well and her power seemed satisfactory.

Only one thing remained, rejection or approval. Basilisk gave a nod to the man in the hanger and he was off to submit the final paperwork to the leader of the Hackers. Basilisk knew that it could go either way and waited patiently for the response at the bar.

A letter at the top of the stack reads "Sir, the ship awaits in hanger 4 for your inspection, all documentation of our modifications are available in hard copy within this package as well in digital form. Respectfully Signed, Basilisk, Outcast."
Moriarty sighed in exasperation at the evermounting stack of paperwork accumulating on his desk.
"Don't all these geniuses realize how much work they are generating for me?" he thought.
"If they only knew how many nefarious machinations I have been required to sideline in order to do this endless paperwork!"
He lifted a requisition form from the stack.
"Some Outcast wants a Gunship? Naturally. They all want to be like that precocious Zacarias Poncho don't they? At least this ship has already been stripped of our sensitive technology..."
He reached for his antique quill, dipped it into the ink bottle nearby and signed his name with a flourish before affixing his personal gold foil seal, officially granting the request.
[Image: th_Moriartyssignatureseal.png]