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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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Dear Mr Hazard,

You're flying a peculiar ship for an assassination task. Normally, we would decline a madman like yourself. However, Professor Hunter wishes to make an experiment - a cheap experiment that in case of failure will cost us no resources. You're accepted on a trial basis. Be advised, however, that nobody will mourn you if you get yourself killed. Please remember that you will be monitored.

Good hunting.
Guten Tag, my name is Heinz Von Hoff, I am a gun for hire. I discovered some of my virtues in your little description of applicable hunters for zhe bounty board..... I suppose I qualify. Rep Rep Rep Rep Rep Rep Rep Rep Rep ID

Dear Mr. Hoff,

While we would usually need more information on who you are, in these strange times, when the enemy is hidding in hangars and show their ships rarely, we are giving you a chance to prove you are worthy mercenary to rely upon.

Good hunting.

[Image: LIqeHaF.png]


Hey hey!

So, I recently got myself into the bounty hunting business over with the Lance, and couldn't help but notice that the Lane Hackers have a nice selection of shootables-for-money up for grabs!

Naturally, I am super interested in making more money. It's a shame that you guys don't pay out the big bucks for anything on your list that isn't downed within Liberty, but I'm willing to take what I can get. There's a few familiar faces on your targets list who I already shoot at, so I may as well make some money while I'm at it. Right? Although, of course, if you hypothetically ever wanted to reconsider paying out such teeny amounts to contractors such as myself who can't operate within Liberty, that'd be lovely too!

Anyway! Down to business.

Here are the Sisterhood-certified papers I sent to the Lance (couldn't be bothered to re-certify them - trust me, they haven't changed), and here is a kinda cobbled-together set of transponder readings from one of my ships!

On the subject of my ships - I kinda have a few. You'll find me operating under the neural net IDs Komachi.Kurosawa (and variations), Soaring.Bishamonten, and Nishigikoi.

If you wanna see any evidence as to me actually being able to kill things, head on over to the Lance's claims directory and see for yourself. I do good work, see?

So, yeah. I might end up claiming for itsy-bitsy one million credit bounties only, but a little is better than nothing, right?



&.Co Communication Terminal hails salutes you.
...cmd please?:
"connect_ch lh_755518523572376238:27666"

Bonjour there, gentlemen.
I am Snooquette of &.Co Mercenary Brigade. We've appeared recently in the heart of Sirius in order to look for some tasty job there. We're not well-known and proud of it, since staying in shadows is vital for us. We claim ourselves unlawful, and if anyone doesn't like it, we'll feed him with fire shortly.
My group consists of checked, trustworthy people from all around the space. I would like to offer our hot guns for hire to you.
I'm also sure that monsieur Scorpius would put a word for us, due to our recent co-operation inside Liberty space.

Current crew consists of:

We use fighters only. Exact models and the ways we're getting them is our own business, so to say. We don't like publishing much information about ourselves, this must be a familiar thing to you as well. Walls have ears.
All my crewmen are in good relationships with Liberty unlawfuls, so no worries about that. And yes, we're not affiliated anyhow.

External contents:
Identification image / &.Co Reputations List image

Looking forward to work with you.

"disconnect, quit"

Miss Komachi,

It's a pleasure to see your one of our allies signing up for the board, however, we must inform you, that in short period of time, we will discontinue paying for claims out side of our own active zone of operations. Therefore, your registration is on hold, untill we update our protocols. You will be notified when they are renewed privately.


It's a surprise to see new group forming up that has motivation to work for The Lane Hackers. We respect your privacy and we have nothing else to say except, good hunting.
[Image: t6f60o.jpg]

....decoding signal.....
....verifying additional security encryption....
....connection established......


[Image: 2drgfft.jpg]

Greetings Lane Hackers.

You probably don't know me, but I'd like to introduce myself to you in the hopes of entering into a typical 'business relationship' with your group, by registering for your blanket bounty job board. I'm a Freelance Operative that has been escorting and defending Junkers, and their associated freelance personnel, for several months. Defending smugglers and helping to thwart lawfuls from interfering in their business, is my business. I'm no stranger to skirmishing with authorities or hitting corporate traders. I believe your enemies are my enemies, and that I may be of service by cashing in on some kills as I work. I also employ some stealth tech that lets me over-hear radio chatter undetected, that might turn up as useful. She may not look like much, but rest assured the Argo can get whatever job you need done, wherever in Sirius its going down.

Callsign: Captain Antares Shiptype: 'Pelican' Armored Tranport.
Indentification: Special Operative

In particular it seems this group 'Faze' mercenaries has been poking its nose around trying to intercept contraband on behalf of house authorities. Perhaps by mutual interest I can increase my standing with the Hackers, and help take care of mutual 'thorns in our sides' such as these.

Antares out.

....signal cut....


Mr. Antares,

It's an interesting choice of ship for the job, however we are curious how effective you can be. We are awaiting for the results of your efficiency.
....SECURE channel opened.....
..............Jinpachi Saika......................
-----Kusari Trade Association Official Channel-----
........Planet New Tokyo comm-link........
[Image: image?_version=00_09_000&platform=chihir...pacity=100]


Due to our change in ranks and in affiliation (we cut our ties with Samura Heavy Industries and became independent Kusari corporation), we would like you to ask for possible ceasefire and no-piracy agreement. KTA have shown some warm attitude to all Lane Hacker pilots in the past, even offering the best sake and some information about Liberty Navy and LSF movements. We hope our possible relationships may bring benefits for both sides.

Tag: KTA|
Name: Kusari Trade Association, KTA
(Formerly: Kyushu-Tomioka Alliance)
ID: Freelancer
Status: Lawful / Quasi-lawful

Jinpachi Saika
on behalf of
[Image: ktaavatar1_zps7070313a.png?dateline=1410691649]

....SECURE channel: CLOSED..........