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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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Eamon O'Malley, excuse us for the delay. We have been busy... Being busy.

Considering our relations with the Mollys of Bretonia, we see no reason to prevent you from accessing our bounty board. You are welcome to collect on our targets and participate in the removal of Bounty Hunter weasels and the like.

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I[color=#FFE344]ncoming Transmission...
Comm ID: David Cooper

Greetings Lane Hackers. My name is David Cooper and I am a Freelancer. I was always an admirer of your skills and tactics so my wish to work for you is something that I really forward to. Both in your Bounty Board and in special missions that you might be interested in assigning to me.

My call-sign is Freedom's.Price (and variations) and I mostly use a Civilian Bomber. Here is also my reputation: click

Of course I didn't come here with empty hands. A certain item has come into my possession. I am aware that it has alien origin, so you probably might be interested in taking a look at it. I hope you will accept my "humble" gift.

<div align="right][font=Times New Roman][color=#FFE13C]C[color=#FFE344]onnection Disrupted...
Transmission Terminated
...Incoming transmission...encryption Gibraltar Red....matched....transmission begins

Comm ID: Brandon Garrison, Admiral 101st Ghosts of Razgriz
Location: Charbydis Naval Base, Planet Malta, Omicron Alpha

Buenas dias, Hackers. My name is Brandon Garrison; as Im sure you are aware I now lead the Ghosts after the disappearance of Doctor Jameson. If there is anything the Outcasts can do for you, let us know.

Now to business. One of my pilots has expressed an interest in your Bayonet fighter. I know you gave one to Doctor Jameson, but it disappeared with him. Frankly I would not WANT more than a handful of these ships at maximum as we simply do not possess the technical know-how to keep them operating at maximum efficiency; Jameson himself may have, but our shipyard techs do not.

Also, one of the vessels of our Guardia Nacional, a MNS-Monty has expressed a desire for your battleship turrets. I know you do not casually give these out, but I told the Captain I would ask anyway.

I do not know what your group needs, so I do not know what to offer you for these favors. If a deal is possible, let my office know and we will work something out.

Garrison, Brandon Adm.
101st Ghosts of Razgriz

...transmission ends...
Incoming Transmission
Comm ID: "Yardbird"

Hello there.

Thought I'd try my luck on this channel again. I already contacted you about half a standard year ago about the same thing, but it seems my hacking skills weren't all that back then. Well, they still probably aren't, but better than back then, I think.

I hope.

So yeah, here's a copy of that particular transmission:
' Wrote:Incoming Transmission
Comm ID: "Yardbird"


I'm contacting you about your bounty board, as I'd very much fancy hunting some of those targets down for you.

As for my 'papers':

Identification Card: ID scan
Proof of affiliation: Proof of affiliation

If there's anything more you'd like to know about me, feel free to ask, but I reckon you of all people value discretion...

'Yardbird' out.

So basically, nothing much changed from then. I still want to shoot the folk you lot are paying people to shoot, I still have the same papers and the same affiliation towards the hackers, however one-sided it may just be.

As for the proof:
Updated ID scan
Updated affiliation

Lookin' forward to hearing from you. And all that jazz.

Mr Cooper and "Yardbird".
You are clear to collect bounties on behalf of the Lane Hackers. Good luck out there.

As for the 101st, we will need some time to discuss your request. Please bear with us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.
[color=#CC0044]Ⓢ[color=#CC1144]Ⓔ[color=#CC2244]Ⓝ[color=#CC3344]Ⓓ[color=#CC4444]Ⓘ[color=#CC5544]Ⓝ[color=#CC6644]Ⓖ ⓂⒺⓈⓈⒶⒼⒺ[color=#CC0000]☽


[color=#CC7777]═[font=Courier New][color=#CC8877]S[color=#CC9977]OURCE══╣ Zweihander

[font=Courier New]S[color=#CC9988]UBJECT══╣ Relationship with Lane Hackers

[font=Courier New]L[color=#CC9999]OCATION═╣ Rho-14


[color=#CC8888]Greetings, Lane Hackers.

[color=#CC6666]You probably have never heard of me. I am a Freelancer, Rheinland origin, and i know well what does it mean to suffer from corpotations trying to, and doing so, control everything. As any sane man around Sirius, i couldn't stand it. You might want to know why i didn't join any of the Rheinland revolutionary movements then, and the answer is simple - i value freedom.

This does not mean that i am a coward or a fool, i still worked for Hessians for quite a while, although the direct combat was never my primary task. The main work i had was gathering information, with striking at enemy ships only from shadows that could obscure me and not make me a wanted person in the House, for that would cut off a few sources comptelely.

This was my past. Now let's venture in my future. I wish to work for you. I'm good at collecting information on semi-lawful basis, i am not outlawed anywhere, i could get you information from far away of your area of operations and the kind of it noone would share with Lane Hacker. I'm good at both direct combat and disappearing from it.

The only problem i have currently is that my Switchblade grew old and tired, and my Falcata isn't living up to the expectations. Yes, i know you made a clear point in the very first message on this channel, but still wish to try and get us into good enough relationship to skip that point. Long story short, i'm asking you for marvelous pieces of equipment, namely the Bayonet Heavy Fighter and Broadsword Light Bomber.

Anything you would require of me, i will get done. Intellegence or combat, you name it. Speaking of which, i am requesting the permission to access your Bounty Board. Oh, and here's the gift i want to give you regardless of the answer, it, so to say, fell of from a Corsair. Looks dangerous, but it could help you in your public goal #3.

<div align="right][color=#CC66AA]Ⓜ[color=#CC77AA]Ⓔ

Attachment [color=#CCFF99]►
[Image: begbar.png]
Admiral Garrison,

It is a pleasure to hear from you.

I am afraid we cannot satisfy the demand of the captain of the MNS-Monty. As it was already explained to him, we have stopped the production of battleships-class weaponry for an indefinite period of time.

Your request for the use of one or more LHX-F1A Bayonet is however much more likely to succeed. All the existing Bayonets are assigned to specific missions, but our resources and incomes allow us to to resume production.

The Maltese Nation has always been generous in sharing technology with the Lane Hackers, so I believe we should aim for a fair deal.
We would be ready to provide you with a LHX-F1A Bayonet in exchange of Codename weaponry. The precise amount of Codename weapons would depend on their type, and vice-versa.
Please provide us with a list of Weapons you are ready to exchange and we can work something out.

[Image: endbar.png]

Zweilhander, your request has been processed and your name should appear on our list of licensed contractors within moments.

Happy hunting.


As you well know, the trade of intelligence is one of our organisation's main activities and any assistance we recieve in this field is greatly appreciated. Useful intel regarding Ageira Technologies, Interspace Commerce, and the IND is something we would be particularly interested in and once you have proven that you can be trusted we may consider granting you one LHX-F1A Bayonet.

As for your "gift"; You may make the transfer at Freeport 4 at a time when you are available. Leave a reply here with a suggested time.
...Incoming transmission...
...Comm ID: Samuel Colt...

Good day, Sirs. I have heard about your assasination board. Looking forward to work for you.
My papers:

good relationships with hackers

...transmission terminated...