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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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***New Transmission***
From: "Loue"
Location: Gunboat Spectrum
Position: California system, Alcatraz area

Hey there Lane Hackers! How things goes?
So, we are Liberty Rogues, and we are inside Gunboat Spectrum. And, we would like to make some bussines with ya guys! There are lots of badass guys around, and we kick many of them.
So....what we will give to ya:
Any ship piloted by those freaks went KAAAABOOOOM
If we managed to track life pod...if it's a guy...we will give it to ya, if it's a girl...Hehe, well you can understand us, what we mean...we all humans, so we will leave girl to ourself.
What we want to ask from ya....
We need very advanced scanner array. Dun ask, why we need it, Mkay?
We ready to give first 3 bounty kill for no payment, but for exchange for advanced scanner and sensors array.


[Image: OrlovFormal.png]

Good day Rogues

Of course we are willing to share our immaculate technology with our brothers in arms. However, we are also not the Bank of Liberty to loan out our equipment with nothing to show for it. So if you would show us you value us as much as we value our equipment by providing proof of 5 bounty kills, then of course we would outfit your gunboat with the best scanning equipment at our disposal.

Good hunting
Routing through 4miners.freenet.iw...
Connection established.

| Message Received |
Visual feed offline
Sender: Minister of Intelligence Victor Delacroix, Natio Octavarium

By now, I'm sure you've heard of Natio Octavarium. And our attempts to make peace with Liberty have probably given you some pause.

The interesting thing about that is, we still don't like Ageira. So of course, unless you cause problems for us directly, we have no intention of causing problems for you.

But that's not why I called.

As I said, we don't like Ageira. This is a problem when you are in need of skilled software engineers and technicians. You seem like the best people for the job.

But I understand that your manpower, much like our own, is limited. Every engineer that works on projects for Octavarium, or for the Raiders specifically, is an engineer that's not working on something for you, one that's not working on making sure you stay a step ahead of those who seek your destruction. You may have a few that want to get out of sight for a while until the heat dies down, and we're willing to employ and shelter them, but that won't be enough.

You have contacts within Ageira, however. I understand that your contacts are necessary, but I'm sure they'll know other people looking for work. Mistreated workers looking for a better employer, worried that they'll be thrown to the wolves as soon as Ageira needs a scapegoat - like the Hackers up at Leiden were, after the Kepler screwup. We will employ them. But we need you to find the right people and get them out.

To be clear, the reason we're not recruiting them openly is because we do not know who we can trust among Ageira. The past affiliations of the Raiders can and likely will still be held against us, and we cannot afford the risk of sabotage at this stage.

| End of message |
Logging in. Comm ID:.............ERROR NO ID FOUND
Opening channel
Encrypting........ ENCRYPTED

Hello my friends, my name is not important. I would like to register for your assasination job board under the ship name Scorched_Earth. I have a healthy respect for your mission and ideals. Also, I believe the job posting said you were looking for some seriously deranged individuals. I have been called this more than I can count in my life, although I do not agree in the slightest. Anyways, I would like to sign up for you bounty job board.

As to my reputation, take a gander here:

Dont take too long I dont know how long I can keep the dogs of war on their leash

Good day Captain,

The Scorched Earth been added to our job board for a trial period of a month. After this time we will assess your efficiency and achievements. If you perform well you will become our permanent contractor. Deliver two confirmed kills to attain the permanent status.

Good hunting,
Mission Commission
[Image: aSRhF0z.png]

Warm "Hello" Hackers

*He Sighs*

Not sure if you still remember me but i am one of the Flares known as "Silver Flare"
I here by contact you because we are in need of an's been a while since the Flares have hunted for professors of the Lane ever there are some problems being created by the Navy and Security Forces.....

Our Flares do not have enough good ships nor weapons to battle huge, heavy force of the Liberty Navy...... The LSF use some strange ultra "NoMaDiC" technology which is unrecognisable by our scans....i would like to request a little assistance from the Hackers since we are solid business partners

The Flares are therefore requesting to use some of the Lane Hackers' technology for further blood hunting. In order to further improve our capabilities we require the Hackers to grant us permission on the usage of the following technology :

~4x l3GS-1 Lane Hacker Gunships
~12x At30 "Hellflurry" Lane Hacker Tachyon Turrets Mk V
~20x A30 "Hellflurry" Lane Hacker Tachyon Cannons Mk V

Your restrictions, rules, regulations and laws on your tech will gladly be accepted so long as we're informed on them first.
I am sure you won't decline our request.
I will await for your reply

Yours sincerely,

[Image: k7G61wU.png]
Routing through 4miners.freenet.iw...
Rerouting through mact.hx...
Connection established.

| Message Received |
[Image: Victor-Delacroix-Scary.png]

I would like to hire your Assassins specifically and exclusively to make an example of some annoyances.

The targets are affiliated with some of your allies.

I understand this may be a sensitive matter... just as I'm sure you understand just how problematic some Rogues and Outcasts are. Consider it a culling, removing the sick for the good of the herd.

I want to hire you because I do not trust freelancers or indeed many of the Raiders to demonstrate the finesse I want - I want damage more than destruction. A lingering reminder, not an abrupt explosion.

You may need to remove their disruptors when they catch on to what you're doing - but I'm sure I don't need to tell you how to make a man suffer.

| End of message |

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 15.png]

Dear Mr Oscar,

After much deliberation we have decided to grant your request under following conditions. Four of our older gunships used by you will retain Lane Hacker IFF and be delivered once every month to one of our bases for inspection and update of transponder codes. You will not use these ships outside of Liberty and neighbouring systems, as well as you will not use them against any of our closest allies, which includes Liberty Rogues, Outcasts, Mollies and Junkers. You may use requested guns and turrets anywhere you want, but once again, never against our allies. If you agree to these terms proceed to Leiden Base in Galileo to finalize weapon transfers and arrange retrieval of our old gunships.

Good hunting,
Nicole Hunter

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 15.png]

Dear Mr Delacroix,

Ambition is what usually separates a wolf from a herd of sheep. We have grown to cherish ambition as a form of expressing individuality. Though we respect ambitious people, we recognize the fact that excess in this department has led so many to their demise. When Taskmaster Harold Kane contacted me over two months ago I told him that each radical leadership change sets new priorities for the entire group. I told him that we will monitor your progress and once we see where you are heading, we will return to the topic of our relations. Time has shown how adequate that assessment was.

Recent transformation of the Vagrant Raiders into law abiding citizens of Liberty with an ambition to establish an utopian community in the middle of the dessert fills a description of a really bad joke, if only it was not the truth. Even despite our personal differences and a lot of animosity, the real Vagrant Raiders under John Petrucci were natural allies to our cause. Constantly travelling between Omicrons and Liberty, they were bringing Cardamine and chaos - both goods we want to see imported in large quantities.

Both the nowadays Vagrant Raiders, I dare to question whether they are still vagrants, and Natio Octavarium have nothing to offer us besides a fancy name. What role do you intend to play in the Liberty ecosystem? Hugging its corporatocratic establishment does not speak in your favour. With your recently earned status do you intend to be Junkers Lite? Or maybe you intend to create another peace loving Zoner society in the middle of nowhere? In both these cases you would be better off using protection of the already established organizations. However, I have a feeling that you're slowly drifting into another direction. Is your real ambition to become Liberty Privateers?

I have another question for you. This morning one of our larger vessels, Division by Zero, followed an Interspace Commerce transport from Magellan, through Kansas to Humboldt where it was ambushed and destroyed. We consider Kansas and Humboldt our natural hunting ground for transports carrying Silver Ore to California Minor. Speaking hypothetically, if Division by Zero had encountered a wing of Vagrant Raiders, what would they do?

The answer to your requests is negative. We will not help you with recruiting nor assassinations. We have been betrayed by our closest allies before, and we will not make the same mistakes again. We will not help a cancer to grow at our doorstep.

If you act wisely, neutrality is the best thing I can offer you at the moment.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter
=== Incoming Transmission ===
== Encryption: Lemon-lime, no sugar added ==

[Image: Kane-NO.png]


I understand your concerns. But, we are not law-abiding citizens of Liberty. They ignore us, we ignore them. We give their corporations a slight tax in our space in exchange for protecting them from disorganized independent piratey-types.

Note "disorganized" and "independent".

The Lane Hackers are neither.

I'll be honest with you. I *static*ing hate Liberty. But in order for my civilians to not get "accidentally" slaughtered by them, I have to pretend I don't hate them.

I'm not doing this for myself, nor the raiders, and certainly not for the corporate shills in Liberty. I'm doing this to protect innocent civilians who want a fresh start in a new part of Sirius.

I would hope you can see where I'm coming from.


Harold A. Kane
Taskmaster, Vagrant Raiders
Minister of Relations, Natio Octavarium

=== Transmission Ended ===
== Trace Failed ==