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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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Message from the ESS has been received, linked and logged.

**Incoming Carrier Signal**
**Signal Source :: Ruiz Base, Omicron Beta**
**Firewall Reached**
**Subspace Neural Link Established**
**Subspace ID :: Venom ESS**
**Ghost Ping Initiated**
**Firewall Locked and Terminated**
**Connection Spiked**
**Transmission Uploaded**
**Hack Flawless**

**Incoming Transmission**
**Comm ID :: Venom ESS**

Lane Hackers,

I hope you received my message well. I am awaiting a response as I was informed it was picked up and sent to this mainframe. I have broken in seeing the generic message after a few scans of it letting outsiders know you may enter if you can get in. I hope to hear from you soon.

In addition to our request, we might have technology that may interest you. We are have very good abilities with technology and computer systems.

Best Regards from the Elite Shadow Society.

Venom ESS
Fleet Admiral of the ESS.XF

**Transmission Terminated**

Lane Hacker Technology Purchases

I'm inclined to agree with the exchange the of specially modified Lane Hacker equipment surpluses with our allies, in particular: an exchange for services (i.e. extortion of designated miscreants), commodities (i.e. Cardamine) or allied weaponry. Parties that have already demonstrated their overall qualities or successful attempts to further Lane Hacker goals may be exempt.
Currently there is no demand for allied weaponry registered by the Lane Hacker armory specialist. That might soon change, as it also depends on the needs of our Lane Hacker Assassins.
Unused surpluses of allied weaponry: Outcast Primary and Secondary turrets, enough to outfit an entire battleship. And more. If you're interested in picking up the Outcast paingivers, contact us soon, before they're sold out.

There will be multiple opportunities to earn the privilege of an exclusive delivery of Lane Hacker Quality Checked, Space Certified equipment. You can contact us via this channel, or try a direct long-range transmission mid-flight. List of callsigns is available in our Archives (if you can get in).


The Vespucci system patrols do not let in any ships without full & valid Lane Hacker access codes, following the HF lockdown order. The opportunity hereby presented is the best way to avoid the pile of mind-numbing fitness tests at Lane Hacker bases, which still won't guarantee your admittance into our guardspace. Your assistance in real Lane Hacker operations might be more than welcome, and beneficial for both parties.

In reply to "Technocracy"
Subject: request for 2 Broadsword bombers

The connection between improvement of intelligence gathering and bomber usage eludes me. In my experience, bombers are utilized as assault ships to blast large enemy capital ships out of the way, which is not something yo need to do on a typical intel gathering mission. Our Technicians have proven that it is more efficient to use agile interceptors, such as the newly designed Falchion.

The Falchion is freely available on the open Lane Hacker market, just visit our storage depot in the Ontario system. Ships sold outside of Vespucci do not need a request.

On the other hand, if you really require more processing power, we might discuss delivering you one of our battle-hardened gunships, which, given sufficient twin-fighter escort, can retreat from heated situations and provide just what you need for in-situ analysis of the data, and fending off enemy ships as you withdraw.

The exact motives for your request are unclear, and your very existence uncertain, however. Neural Net query for "Technocracy" does not yield any useful results. We can proceed once we're acquainted. There might even be room for future cooperation, in theory.

In reply to the ESS
  1. Granted, as this is default for all members of the Outcast nation.
  2. The Lane Hackers are interested in Cardamine shipments, and support allied Cardamine shipments to Liberty. Deliveries to our bases are also welcome. The ESS can freely dock at Mactan Base. However, you should not be coming withing standard sensor & local communications range of Freeport 4. We'd like to continue avoiding conflicts between the Outcasts and the IMG within Magellan for everyone's sake. You should also be able to freely dock and use the facilities of Cochrane Depot in Ontario (includes ship and equipment dealers). Please do not attempt to dock with Leiden Base in Galileo, it could be generally hazardous:
    Moriarty Wrote:...sole Lane Hacker outpost consists of a measly and insignificant abandoned storage depot floating in a highly radioactive debris field created by Ageira's greedy malfeasance, nefariousness, and persistent desire to avoid bathing according to the custom of Xenos. It is not open to visitors because the plumbing cannot stand the additional strain...
  3. We're interested in technology exchange with our allies, and various deals of sorts. Please send us the propositions.
This statement can be overriden by Senior Director Moriarty.
***Transmission incoming***
***Comm ID: HellStorm***
***Location: Mactan***

##Sending info: OPEN ##

Greetings, well i wanted to tell you i am currently flying one of your ships, Bayonet Heavy Fighter. I am Mercenary who don't like Liberty lawful forces, navy , police and stuff like that. I am doing all kinds of jobs with discount on Navy and nothing against Hackers or their allies. I done some jobs from Mactan and i get temporary access to Vespucci to buy ship but i need couple of more papers to start using it for real. I already made lap or two around New York. I don't want some of you get surprised if you see me in your ship, looking forward to work with you some day, just call if you need hand against navy it might be free to you after all i have your ship.


Tim Alvarado.

***Transmission terminated***

Noted. Also, you might be interested in this contract:

Collecting these bounties with an active Lane Hacker operation nearby is highly encouraged and can be rewarded even further, for exceptional services.
...comm.ID.Guest.##:70[-*6##...Unknown File Uploaded....

...Unknown File - Hold... ... ... ...Isolated... ...Codes Unknown, Callsign Unknown...

...Unknown File Quarantined...

...Review Unknown File? [Y] [N]
[Y].... ...
Scanning file... ... ... ... ...

Properties Parameters______________________________
I hope this worked..
If your a Hacker initiate and your reviewing this virus file, DO NOT DELETE...
I had to send this interlaced virus file to communicate without being suspected.
Reley this to your commander. I Dude42 have been building a mining/shipping
organization, I will start to cook the books and funnel off funding to be contributed
to the Hacker cause. As I have disclosed to your leader recently, Much of this
funding will goto the design and construction of new custom Hacker ships. On my
end, I will procure an engineering researcher and he will be officially be working on
Zoner military hardwere and that will grant him the neutrality laws to hide his real work.
The rest of the funding will be given directly to you to use in the area that your leader
thinks is priority. I urge that you use it to buy equipment and ships for new recruits
so you can have a surge of growth in your numbers.
I had planed to just stay under the radar until more money was there but your active
Hackers have proven much more 'Tenacious' then previously expected and they
are hindering the operation. If you see a transport called Dude42 leave
it alone or, if it is not being watched by the cops, ask it if it needs any help!
P.S. When credit transfers are made to you, it must be done in space directly between
ships to avoid the funds being traked in any way....


Text Eco saved to system... ...
File is low risk..
Do you wish to delete.. [Y] [N]
[Y].... ...
File deleted... ... ... Text Eco sent to executive mailbox...

Greetings, the Lane Hackers! This is ensign Fernando Soto from Order Primary Fleet. I've got message from one of your famous assasins. He told me he've rescued some Order pilots from Ellesmere ( no doubt, you know what's that ). He forwarded me to this channel, if we need our pilots.

When, where and how can I get them back, and what payment do you want for that? hack.terminated...
***Run Program: 'C:\Tools\IcebreakerV1.6c'***
***Command Line: Open Encryption...***
***Command Fail: Retry in 3...2...1...***
***Command Fail: Field C Modified...***
***Command Success: Decrypted...***
***Opening Channel: Sending Message***

**Incoming Transmission**
Message to: Lane Hackers
From: Tyler Valentine
Comm ID: Valentine
Location: Cochrane Depot, Ontario

[Image: tearscommscopy.png]
Reaper Valentine

I have a teeny request to make to you fellas.
To put it shortly, I request permission to have a Lane Hacker Gunship commissioned for my use.

I know you may feel uneasy leaving such valuable tech in the hands of a Phantom, but I can assure you I will be more than reasonable with my terms, and willing to listen, and accept your own terms of an agreement, if possible.

I was born into a Bretonian crime family, and after brutally slaughtering a rival family was banished from Bretonia, on account that the BPA and BAF wanted my head.
I stumbled into Mactan looking for a job, I ended up running errands for you boys back in the days, and eventually, somehow, ended up serving the Maltese Navy for Seven years.

My goals may be Phantom, but I do still follow a strong Hacker, aswell as Outcast background.

I swear that such a ship will never be used against a Hacker, or an Ally of a Hacker, or against a Hackers goal.
I myself will not enter Vespucci to collect the ship, but will have an old Hacker friend equip and fly the ship out to me.
I will fund the whole venture, as well as supplying the price of the ship again, to your pockets, twice.

The ship will not be aquired unless I recieve your blessing, and I would not be offended if you were to reject my request.

All I ask is what I must do to recieve your permission to aquire this ship.

Have a nice day.

- Valentine

***Transmission Ends***

***Command: Close Channel***
***Message Closed***
***Erasing Trace IP***
***Command Success***
***Close Program***
***Connection Lost***

Reaper Valentine :
Phantoms are good for what?
Wreaking famous amounts of havoc.
Since I've never heard of you, your local wreaking needs some augmentation.
Wreak through 3 of these [LN] squirrel monkeys that are always cavorting around Liberty swinging their Ageira bananas, and then maybe I'll have heard of you.
***Run Program: 'C:\Tools\IcebreakerV1.8c'***
***Command Line: Open Encryption...***
***Command Success: Decrypted...***
***Opening Channel: Sending Message***

**Incoming Transmission**
Message to: Lane Hackers
From: Tyler Valentine
Comm ID: Valentine
Location: Buffalo Base, New York

[Image: tearscommscopy.png]
Reaper Valentine

Thank you for your audience Moriarty.

Well, I now remember why hanging about in Liberty isn't my thing.
I dunno how Liberty can afford to chase me with so many Capital Vessels...

I killed two of those Navys straight off, though it proved a surprisingly difficult task as they usually bring backup.
The second two kills were achieved by sitting under a small moon, then having them throw themsevles into it.

I didn't even need to fire a shot at them.

>>>Attach - Killin'.Doc

Sorry it's a couple of days late, had other business to attend to, some in Rheinland.

I hope this is enough to get me known by you.

Have a nice day.

- Valentine

***Transmission Ends***

***Command: Close Channel***
***Message Closed***
***Erasing Trace IP***
***Command Success***
***Close Program***
***Connection Lost***