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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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[Image: CygGpT5.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Mr Makabe we strive to provide any luxuries that our dear suppliers wish. Even tastes which normal people would frown upon in Kusari.

As promised, in addition to the money offered by the commodity dealer, you have been rewarded with 10,000,000 credits. Please specify the bank account in order to anonymously wire your money Mr Makabe.

A completely legal job associated with many benefits... In the world of economics, we call this a jackpot.
[Image: Transbar2_zps2igbgipf.png]

Kon'nichiwa Weisen san.

It is my pleasure and an honour to meet another member of your secretive organisation.

We are most glad that you are pleased with our recent shipment and gratefully accept your unexpected offer of a bonus payment for the delivery, indeed what any sensible person would call a jackpot!

Any payments should be made out to KKD|Accounting.

Arigato for your time again Weisen san, and I wish you a glorious day on behalf of the Kogane no Kitsune Dantai.


Makabe out.

Incoming Transmission
Connection Established
Opening Message

Frederik Myleson

Freeport 2 - Bering System

Fred from the Dawson bunch here.

I will be transmitting an update on our progress with your assignments via the original transmission channel we established before, but this message is going to be separate due to its higher relevancy.

We have recently encountered a group using the transponder key |DSV| and which are mostly freelancers using old BK-65's with some civ-grade armor reinforcement on them. They seem to run goods between Bretonia and Liberty and the cargo we caught them with was Aluminium.

What makes this group notable is that they appear to be contracted by Ageira corp. I think they noticed that they are being targeted by our wing and have decided to outsource some of their freight contracts to smaller groups. I will be attaching a comms log of our encounter below, have a look yourself:

[02.01.2016 05:09:39] Anticipated.Lover: Well then, new faces?

[02.01.2016 05:09:51] |DSV|-Halifax: Cannuck: Very well. Proceed.

[02.01.2016 05:10:10] The.Wenches'.Bench: Well, thing is, we need stuff to fix up damn Dawson.
[02.01.2016 05:10:28] The.Wenches'.Bench: So, we'll go scrap your guns. Need the electronics, y'know.
[02.01.2016 05:10:41] The.Wenches'.Bench: So what's happening is simple
[02.01.2016 05:10:50] The.Wenches'.Bench: You'll drop yar shields
[02.01.2016 05:10:57] Anticipated.Lover: Disable, she means.
[02.01.2016 05:11:08] The.Wenches'.Bench: Disable, fine.
[02.01.2016 05:11:20] The.Wenches'.Bench: And we'll go scrap your guns.

[02.01.2016 05:11:25] |DSV|-Halifax: Cannuck: Well, see... We need our guns to defend ourselves.

[02.01.2016 05:11:38] The.Wenches'.Bench: Yerself or yer ship won't be harmed, 'fcourse.
[02.01.2016 05:11:41] Anticipated.Lover: Would you rather us scrap your ship?
[02.01.2016 05:11:49] The.Wenches'.Bench: Calm down Freddo.

[02.01.2016 05:12:21] |DSV|-Halifax: Cannuck: Look, I don't want conflict, but we really need to get this shipment to Leduc, else Ageira will get on my ass...
[02.01.2016 05:12:50] |DSV|-Halifax: Cannuck: Ageira isn't such a nice contractor when they're angry.

[02.01.2016 05:12:38] Anticipated.Lover: Oh, Ageira?
[02.01.2016 05:12:44] The.Wenches'.Bench: Well, then just drop the shields and let's scrap yer guns *laughs*
[02.01.2016 05:12:52] Anticipated.Lover: What do you think, I think the Hackers might be amused if these two lost their cargo.
[02.01.2016 05:12:58] The.Wenches'.Bench: Ye think?
[02.01.2016 05:13:26] Inconspicuously: I think you guys should do what these other two say.

[02.01.2016 05:13:30] |DSV|-Halifax: Cannuck: I'm guessing there's no way we can politely talk our way out of this, friend?

[02.01.2016 05:13:31] Inconspicuously: If you dont this really only ends one way.

[02.01.2016 05:13:53] |DSV|-Halifax: Cannuck: Of course.

[02.01.2016 05:13:42] The.Wenches'.Bench: See, capn'
[02.01.2016 05:13:48] The.Wenches'.Bench: We're Rogues, y'know
[02.01.2016 05:14:00] The.Wenches'.Bench: So we'll take what we need
[02.01.2016 05:14:12] The.Wenches'.Bench: *laughs*
[02.01.2016 05:14:22] The.Wenches'.Bench: I sounded dead serious, didn't I?
[02.01.2016 05:14:24] Anticipated.Lover: Drop their shields, start disassembling the guns.
[02.01.2016 05:14:29] Anticipated.Lover: If they move, too bad for them.

[02.01.2016 05:14:46] |DSV|-Halifax: Cannuck: *sigh* Well...

[02.01.2016 05:14:57] The.Wenches'.Bench: Hold still, will ya?
[02.01.2016 05:15:14] Anticipated.Lover: Good.
[02.01.2016 05:15:17] Inconspicuously: Hard way it is.
[02.01.2016 05:15:19] Anticipated.Lover: I hoped you'd do that.
[02.01.2016 05:16:42] Anticipated.Lover: You made the wrong choice. But you are worth more to me dead anyway.

[02.01.2016 05:17:28] Death: |DSV|-Ragnarok was put out of action by Inconspicuously (Gun).
[02.01.2016 05:19:01] Death: |DSV|-Halifax was put out of action by The.Wenches'.Bench (Gun).

[02.01.2016 05:18:59] |DSV|-Halifax: Cannuck: You lot'll get your worth!
[02.01.2016 05:19:04] Anticipated.Lover: I doubt it.

This was the first encounter we had with these guys. The second was reported another of our guys, Philip. He is not what you'd call a gentle person, but it seems that during the encounter these DSV ended up pissing him off as well.

[02.01.2016 12:25:27] Philip.Smash: You forgot Phil behind you.
[02.01.2016 12:25:42] Philip.Smash: Calm your engines
[02.01.2016 12:26:05] Philip.Smash: So
[02.01.2016 12:26:06] |DSV|-Ragnarok: Jackson: My bad been a long night wasnt paying attention
[02.01.2016 12:26:18] Philip.Smash: I ask for simple request
[02.01.2016 12:26:30] Philip.Smash: No one get big hurt, only your turrets.
[02.01.2016 12:26:46] |DSV|-Ragnarok: Jackson: how about 3 mil instead
[02.01.2016 12:26:50] Philip.Smash: I take your pew pew turrets and you are free to go.
[02.01.2016 12:27:10] Philip.Smash: No no no, Boss say I need to salvage turrets.
[02.01.2016 12:27:38] |DSV|-Ragnarok: Jackson: I'm sorry i can't give you my turrets
[02.01.2016 12:28:05] Philip.Smash: I shoot your turrets off.
[02.01.2016 12:28:10] |DSV|-Ragnarok: Jackson: I'm willing to pay you in creds but i need my turrets
[02.01.2016 12:28:12] Philip.Smash: That is all.
[02.01.2016 12:28:48] Philip.Smash: listen big ship
[02.01.2016 12:28:56] Philip.Smash: I can take your turrets
[02.01.2016 12:29:02] Philip.Smash: or I can salvage your big ship.
[02.01.2016 12:29:07] Philip.Smash: It very easy choice

-Transport tries to run away-

[02.01.2016 12:32:19] Philip.Smash: No more band-aids for you
[02.01.2016 12:34:04] Philip.Smash: Good night.
[02.01.2016 12:34:08] Death: |DSV|-Ragnarok was put out of action by Philip.Smash (Gun).

We thought some information on this new group would be interesting for you.

...connecton established...
...receiving message...
...encryption in progress...

Subject: Job Board
Recipient: Lane Hackers
Sender: Jir So-Kinh


I am willing to fulfill certain assassinations from Bounty Board, as I feel I can help your cause. One of my vessels is not affiliated with any bigger organization, but bears a rather friendly reputation to the Hackers and their allies.

Awaiting your decision.

...decryption complete...
...connection terminated...

Dear Jir So-Kinh,

You mention that one of your vessels is not affiliated with any bigger organization. However that implies that you possess ship(s) that are affiliated with a big organization. Which would that organization be?

Kind regards,
Mission Commission
...connecton established...
...receiving message...
...encryption in progress...

Subject: Job Board
Recipient: Lane Hackers
Sender: Jir So-Kinh


It looks like I have not made myself clear in the previous message, for what I must beg a pardon. I am in process of rehabilitation within borders of the Outcast Empire, hence I took into consideration to inform you if my affiliation would not fall in favour of the interest of Malta - making myself fully-affiliated with the Nacion. Once again, I must beg a pardon for not informing you directly about such a case. De facto I do not fly any vessel affiliated with Outcasts at the moment, as it would be highly frowned upon.

However, I can assure however you that I serve for no other entity at the moment. To extend your knowledge over my current possession, I also serve on unaffiliated "Democritus"-class vessel dubbed Constantinople, fulfilling trade duties between Planet Junyo and Planet Stuttgart.

Jir So-Kinh

...decryption complete...
...connection terminated...

Mr So-Kinh,

I would like to inform you that you have been accepted for a trial period. If you score two kills on our board within month from now you will be accepted as a permanent contractor. This permission extends to whether you work as an independent contractor or as a Maltese citizen. Needless to say that working for us will certainly shed favorable light upon your citizenship request.

Good hunting,
Mission Commission
[Image: PvqOC7c.gif]


A fine day, isn't it?

Sending you a message... just out of curiosity... how much would you be willing to pay for information that governments try to hide from civilians?
More specifically... I am talking about Newcastle and New London...

You did hear that any intruders entering Newcastle and caught get imprisoned, yeah? Well... lets just say I know a bit about why...

I can share... for a price?

Let's talk.


[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: GrsS6Am.png]

Hello Mr Sunny.

I hope you are doing well, both in and outside the racing pits. The series of mysterious events in Bretonia have sparked our interest and we are definitely interested to hear more about what you know and what you are offering before we name our price.

Kind regards.
[Image: PvqOC7c.gif]


Ah, Mr. Yoshida. A pleasure.

So you are interested...

Well what I have with me is intelligence of what is going down in Newcastle. Let's just say we found a back entrance and snuck into take a peak... and found there to be...
Well how should I put this...
Nomad presence... and a strong one in that.

With stealth and skill we managed to rip through in and out and acquire intelligence... and then later from a miner acquire a certain peculiar nomad sample. It's a strange material they call Azurite... and it's highly dangerous as well. We've got it concealed enough... though it's still quite the beauty.

On a side note while we are on the topic, today i have also gotten my hands on Gate/Lane Parts... and the packaging says it's from EFL. Lets just say there was some cleaning up to do for a pirate and in the wreckage along with the other loot I found it.

So? Intelligence, a strange alien rock sample, and a Gate/Lane Part from Gallia.
I am sure you are interested.