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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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***Incoming Transmission***
**Transmitter; Darth Sidious**
***Encryption: High***

Hola amigos, id like to notify the lane hackers about the re-comissioning of my LHX-F1A Bayonet Heavy Fighter.
It was previously permitted by Phate and Mr. Sanguinetti during my times as a ESS pilot. Now i have been assigned for the {SOB}; Shadow Outcast Brigade, and i am mostly using this ship for patrols.
In this task its wonderful, the scanners are overwhelmingly accurate and effective compared to the ones on my Sabre, thus id like permission to continue its use.

Current callsign;

Area of Operations;
Primarily; Defence of Alpha
Secondarily; Reconnosiance/Exploration of systems

At the same time id like to ask for the permission to purchase a; HFX-F2B Broadsword Bomber
This ship will be used for tactical strikes against enemy capital ships. After consulting with my mechanics i have come to the decision that i want to operate one. Its primarily use will be the destruction of enemy capital and cargo ships.

If you decide to permitt me use of both the Broadsword and the Bayonet, i will transfer 25 000 000 credits to a account of choice, for the purchase of said technology, their maintanace manuals, spare parts and for supporting your cause.


Darth Sidious

***Transmission lost***
*** Encrypting transmission
*** Comm ID: Johnny Vega

// Accessing frequency..... DENIED
// Accessing frequency..... DENIED

Frak it. Simmons, get in here. Do whatever it is you guys do when you need to access a frequency. Yes, hack it!

// Initiating hack
// Bypass firewall
// Accessing frequency..... DENIED
// Retying...

You'd think we were trying to steal Liberty government secrets. I really don't understand...

// Connection established

... why they make it so god damn difficult just to talk to these people. I know they're Hackers and all but come on! Last time I went through this much trouble to talk to someone she at least gave.. what? It's recording? Bloody hell, thanks for the heads up Simmons.

Right, then. I'm Johnny Vega of the Cartel. But I'm sure you already knew that. And I'm sure you know who the Cartel is, and what we do. But I didn't go through the trouble of contacting you just for a friendly chat. I need something from you, a Bayonet heavy fighter to be precise. Why? Good question.

The Cartel is currently stationed in Tau 23 helping clear the bottleneck system of the Colonials, ensuring to keep our cardamine and other cardamine shipments flowing. Needless to say, it isn't as easy as I make it sound. Those boys can fight. Recently, my Sabre took some damage and will be in drydock for a while. Something about a reactor coolant and radiation and whatnot. Let's just say it will be out of commission for a while. I don't need weapons, I'll just strip my Sabre for that. Just need the hull.

If you're concerned about the technology falling into the wrong hands, I can assure you it will be used for reconnaissance and support. I won't be taking her out alone, especially since some of those Colonials don't exactly fight fair.

Of course I don't expect you to just hand it over with a smile and a hearty hello. You scratch my back I'll scratch yours. Credits, cardamine, arms, whatever. You name it, I'll deliver. You know how to contact me when you've reached a decision.

Johnny Vega,
Made Man of the Cartel


Simmons, how the hell do you turn this off?

*** Transmission terminated
////Message Deleted

To All individuals interested in the acquisition of Lane Hacker Technology :

Do not ask.

The Lane Hackers will only consider technology transfer requests from an official executive of your faction. In Rogue-speak, that means 'da boss'. No requests will be considered if made by anyone else. Individuals will be denied without regard for any prior or existing arrangements.

Collin Breen :
Our reconnaissance of Corsair activity in Cambridge turned up quite a catch, we trust you are pleased with the results contained in File #11.

Our pursuit of Kusari activity in the Taus has proven more uneventful, apparently due to their nearly permanent staging from Bretonia itself ! Our refocused efforts in Leeds yielded swift results which I expect you to be able to put to good use. File #12.

Please transmit your judgment on the success of these missions at your earliest convenience, and we shall proceed to matters of greater mutual interest and advantage.
------Incoming Transmission------
  • [color=#FFFFFF]-- Transmission Source: Lisburn Rock
    -- Dispatcher ID: Colin Breen
    -- Recipient ID: Professor Moriarty
    -- Encryption: Level X
[font=Agency FB]
Yer infoormation looks great. Shoould proove useful, we don't hae scanners like yers.
I'll send it tae intelligence right away, thank ye foor et.

Now, then.
What're ye wanting froom oos in return, eh?


[font=Agency FB][color=#FF0000]------End Transmission------

As you are aware from the constant intrusion over your comm net of the blathering propaganda vomited forth from the Plutonian gullets of the Bretonian Corpocracy's paramilitary flunkies, the heretofore pristine and free environs of Magellan and Cortez are now regularly subjected to the vile pollution of frequent and villainous intrusions by the Bretonian Armed Farces.

In short, they stink, and we tire of clamping our nostrils shut to avoid the stench of treachery they bring and leave after them when they return to their paymasters.

These olfactory insults are further worsened by the longstanding attempts by certain cannibalistic elements to use Magellan as a highway for their illicit alien artwork sales.

The convergence of these concerns leads us to the conclusion that our twin interests may be served by periodically striking a blow closer to the heart of these corrupting influences. It is no mystery to us that the cannibals enter Liberty from Bretonia, and they evidently enter Bretonia through the Cambridge system. It is our intent to slice through this vein of villainy with our tachyon scalpels via occasional operations in Cambridge, although these will only be led by fully ranked Hackers or Professors.

Such incursions are liable to involve occasional repairs and resupply. Certain rumors have reached our intelligence operatives that the Mollys possess an asset in the Cambridge system that may meet these needs. We request access to this facility. We do not come empty handed, however. In addition to the gift of intelligence that we have already supplied, we offer continuing reports on Corsair activity in Cambridge, as well as any gleaned about the Kusari invaders in Leeds. We also do not expect the oppressed Mollys to pay for our repairs, and we stand ready to supply your facility with several thousand tons of HFuel, engine components, ship hull panels, and assorted items of mutual interest prior to the commencement of any activities. All such supplies have been seized from various corporate marauders, which will no doubt further delight you. Additionally, we are ready to grant the Mollys resupply of the Broadsword bomber that was previously requested. Naturally, we also extend to you the full comforts of our Magellan facility to suit your needs during any transit between Bretonia and Liberty.

We await the outcome of your deliberation.
------Incoming Transmission------
  • [color=#FFFFFF]-- Transmission Source: Lisburn Rock
    -- Dispatcher ID: Colin Breen
    -- Recipient ID: Professor Moriarty
    -- Encryption: Level X
[font=Agency FB]

Sorry fer the... delay, I had business in places I'd rather not mention.
Just got back tae the front o' things.

Yer proposal sounds absolutely satisfactory. Ye use Lisburn as much as ye need tae.
In addition tae what ye've offered tae ship, ye could ship some o' yer software doon oour way tae Arranmoore, the computer systems're oudated, we're constantly overhaulin' them, an' yer netted software is just what we need. Any info ye pick oop on the Kusarians'd be great as well...

Ye're quite generous in yer offers, an' yer free tae be usin' oor o'er bases if the need arises.
Belfast is an iridium smelter, I hear ye folks got veins o' miners haulin' that near ye.


[font=Agency FB][color=#FF0000]------End Transmission------ data...

<redirected from frequency '472.514.BA'>

Good day miss O'Connel.

O'Connel's the name? Are you breton? Not that it matters, it's a pleasure to see anyone aiding the oppressed minorities wherever they can. It's also nice to see that there are individuals not just big companies who share my interests in AI-research and cybertechnology. If you have an interstellar neural broadband, feel free to hop in to Radio Free Liberty for some more intimate discussion if you feel so. And also tell me if you girls don't own one, I might just ask the Smugglers Department to bring some hardware to Aniu. Flatvid and holotain are obsolete, the future is in the direct cerebral connection.

Anyways... I'm not the one who says the final word in this matter, but I see no obstacle for you to obtain one of our gunships. Especially since it would serve research purposes, what's more you didn't request from the sophisticated weaponry we usually equip those crafts - that will ease the required paperwork.

The only thing I have to ask is if that the AI project you mentioned belongs directly to you, or it's a Chrysantemum funded and supported operation? In the first case I might just ask you to say a few nice words about us to your superiors (is that the good word to refer to the respected older leaders of yours?). The time when our organizations will require closer cooperation might be closer than we'd think and I'd feel myself better if I was prepared for any course of events. We'll might have a similar (or completely different) matter we'd have to contact your matrons soon.

By the way, don't be a stranger miss. terminated...
The same woman its reclining an a somewhat relaxed manner in her seat, a wry expression on her face.

Well, to be honest, I'm not a Kusarian, or Bretonian. I'll let you draw your own conclusions of course, but you'd understand if I didn't tell you whether or not they were right or wrong.

She leans forward, a broad wolfish smile playing across her lips.

More than likely wrong though, or at the very least I'd hope you were.

As for your prior question, this is a private project of mine, I've been working on it for a very long time. It out dates myself joining the chrysanthemums, actually. You could say I have a good bit of prior experience with AI in general.

I can't say I'm an expert in hardware, though, the software is my specialty. In fact, I've recently acquired some hardware from one of your ... associates? I'm not sure. A former Aegeria employee by the name of Saronsen. He's ah ... quite handy with hardware it seems, as he built my AI's shells from the ground up.

Moving on, although this isn't a matter that the Chrysanthemum elders consider ... well, important. I can assure you that we already hold the Lane Hackers in fairly good regards. I will certainly make sure that I vouch for the Hackers in whatever they wish to glean from us, though I'll admit I am not of high standing with them, though I am an official member of the cause.

An amused and thankful smile appears on her face as she reclines once more.

I greatly appreciate your agreeability in this matter, a unique and sophisticated gunboat class deserved to be guarded zealously, and I appreciate the fact that a prestigious person such as yourself is willing to consider one coming into my possession.

I'll awaiting your reply, and most certainly tuning into RFL.

Thank you, and goodbye.