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Mr. Saika,

You come to Hackers asking to close our eye(s) when your corporate ships fly through? Don't you know anything about the main reason for Lane Hacker existance? We will not ignore your corporate ships and your lackeys will be held as regular Kusari corporate reprobates and be dealt with according to circumstances and personal judgment of Hacker on the scene.
....SECURE channel opened.....
..............Jinpachi Saika......................
-----Kusari Trade Association Official Channel-----
........Planet New Tokyo comm-link........
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Thank you, if I can say that, for clarification on this matter.

Jinpachi Saika
on behalf of
[Image: ktaavatar1_zps7070313a.png?dateline=1410691649]

....SECURE channel: CLOSED..........
Good Day Mr. Yoshida

We Met the Other day in Liberty i would presume and you requested that i should contact you on the neural net herewith my Greetings and salutations Message as requested

HawkDraconis - AKA [Star]-Martin.Miles

[Image: lbIXDS6.png][Image: vGsou4l.png]

Mr Martin, it's so good to hear from you again.

As I had informed you during our meeting in Texas, the Lane Hackers did not have many encounters with the [Star] organization so I was initially displeased to find you accompanying a Universal super-transport.

However we can put this aside and focus on the future. You see, your organization is hired to supply base construction projects and sometimes bases are hidden from common view and scanners. As a businessman who deals with information I find it imperative to know those locations, especially if they are inside Liberty. So I was wondering if you possess such intel. This may benefit your account balance or instead, if you are loyal to [Star], your entire faction.

The choice is yours.
[Image: TampTtb_zps38c4b146.png]

Well met.

This is FynnMcScrap speaking, Foreman at Tinkers Haven.

I have been informend that there has been an unsettling meeting between one of our Ships, the T&T/BlackFeet , and the LH~Cochrane.Traverser.
Also, a short while afterward, my Senior Skipper of the T&T/.Tinkers.Pride reported an interesting conversation with the LH~Cochrane.Traverser.

I will let you contact me for obvious reasons : You are the security experts after all.


[Image: TampTte_zpse12cde9d.png]

[Image: lbIXDS6.png][Image: vGsou4l.png]

McScrap, I do not feel comfortable repeating the same words over different people, especially when I was clear on this matter. You want business, and so do I.

However, bad blood is not good for business and your captain, John Kurt, has to prove himself that he does not hold any grudges.

[Image: girFATI.jpg]

No I do not want any apologies for his insults. I simply wish John to come in this channel. I will give him a small task which he will complete. Once this is done, McScrap, trust will be restored and we will both enjoy the fruits of our cooperation.
[Image: TampTtb_zps38c4b146.png]

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(01-17-2015, 02:38 PM)Yoshida Wrote: [ -> ]

[Image: lbIXDS6.png][Image: Infiltrator.png]

McScrap, I do not feel comfortable repeating the same words over different persons, especially when I was clear on this matter. You want business, and so do I.

However, bad blood is not good for business and your captain, John Kurt, has to prove himself that he does not hold any grudges.

[Image: girFATI.jpg]

No I do not want any apologies for his insults. I simply wish John to come in this channel. I will give him a small task which he will complete. Once this is done, McScrap, trust will be restored and we will both enjoy the fruits of our cooperation.

Well, that was not exactly what Captain Bailey transferred to me...

[13.01.2015 23:16:21] 2015-01-13 23:16:26 SMT
[13.01.2015 23:16:21] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: *hacks*
[13.01.2015 23:16:22] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: sure, works well
[13.01.2015 23:16:31] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Well met, Hacker
[13.01.2015 23:16:39] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Ahem greetings
[13.01.2015 23:16:51] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: I heared there was some strife. Any problems ?
[13.01.2015 23:16:59] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Do I speak with a responsible person within the T&T?
[13.01.2015 23:17:31] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Someone that can represent T&T?
[13.01.2015 23:17:36] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: well... Im a senior Skipper, jes. Fynn is our Foreman, but hes not on Board. ( // Player : jes, Character : no )
[13.01.2015 23:18:08] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: That's too bad
[13.01.2015 23:18:24] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Do you know where I could find one then?
[13.01.2015 23:18:28] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: well, I can pass him a message. Whats up ?
[13.01.2015 23:19:21] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: A T&T transport of yours had a lengthy discussion with me. I am Goro Yoshida if you are unaware.
[13.01.2015 23:20:15] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: And he said that you're a small Liberty firm that they do not get well with "unlawfuls" and do not want to have any
[13.01.2015 23:20:19] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: connections with them.
[13.01.2015 23:20:27] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: The name sounds familiar, but I dont really place it. A conversion on what ? Trade ? Intel ? Diplomacy ?
[13.01.2015 23:20:40] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Obviously, based on that description, I treated him as a Liberty corporate dog.
[13.01.2015 23:21:16] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: ah, ... well. We pay fealty to Mokha, and to Liberty Forces too. Its not that we are lawful zealots... we trade for a living
[13.01.2015 23:21:23] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: His refusal was so absolute that he didn't even meet my demand.
[13.01.2015 23:21:33] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Well I am not a Rogue as you can tell.
[13.01.2015 23:21:40] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: we do what we m,ust to survive, as we are no big three company. We are family
[13.01.2015 23:21:49] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Yet your friend didn't
[13.01.2015 23:22:06] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: And the hull of his ship is now drifting somewhere in northern Liberty.
[13.01.2015 23:22:28] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: -- But --
[13.01.2015 23:22:31] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: I heared, jes. I usually pay, if the demand is not unreasonable. And mostely it was not so far
[13.01.2015 23:22:50] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: but ?
[13.01.2015 23:22:54] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: I was informed by my colleagues that T&T is in fact a respectful group who had dealings with the Hackers.
[13.01.2015 23:23:44] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: well, dealings . We have no treaty, and we offered support. So far it was never needed. We dont fit your target sceme
[13.01.2015 23:24:07] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: sometimes its good to know who is not your enemy.... but that does not make you friends
[13.01.2015 23:24:16] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: So that matches the story I've also heard.
[13.01.2015 23:24:40] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Your "family member" should have also shared it and things would have been developed differently
[13.01.2015 23:24:52] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: I know my action caused him <pain>.
[13.01.2015 23:24:58] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: sure. We play straight... perhaps with a trick or two, but honesty pays out in the long run. He will learn
[13.01.2015 23:25:20] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: So I have two requests
[13.01.2015 23:25:21] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: he lives, that is the important thing
[13.01.2015 23:25:26] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: jes ?
[13.01.2015 23:25:26] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: which I'd like you to bring to your leader
[13.01.2015 23:25:31] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: will do
[13.01.2015 23:26:05] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: First, please inform your T&T members about our 'dealings' in order to avoid future implications.
[13.01.2015 23:27:57] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Are you still here?
[13.01.2015 23:28:01] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: First : will do. But we do not "command" our skippers
[13.01.2015 23:28:14] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Excellent.
[13.01.2015 23:28:29] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Every man decides himself. We like it that way, and mostely it works well. We are no company slaves
[13.01.2015 23:28:45] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: We are free men, working together
[13.01.2015 23:29:03] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Secondly, this relationship should be renewed once in a while, yes?
[13.01.2015 23:29:45] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: sure. What do you suggest ? A glass of wine or something else ?
[13.01.2015 23:29:57] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Sometimes our ships pick some loot from corporate wrecks
[13.01.2015 23:30:18] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: So we need to sell it somewhere, if you get what I mean.
[13.01.2015 23:30:33] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Well : both sides trade with AFC . BP66 is an ideal turnpike for both of us
[13.01.2015 23:30:47] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: We even suggested something along that lanes already
[13.01.2015 23:31:04] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: And we are allied with AFC. They are friends
[13.01.2015 23:31:11] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Oh, I see...
[13.01.2015 23:31:42] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Then please allow me to restate my second request
[13.01.2015 23:31:57] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: We have open docks here for Liberty forces as we need no Libertonian Capship taking aim again...
[13.01.2015 23:32:09] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: sure, Im listening
[13.01.2015 23:32:59] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: We have cargo sometimes
[13.01.2015 23:33:05] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: that needs to go to Manhattan
[13.01.2015 23:33:22] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: as long as its no Cardamine or other contraband we are interested
[13.01.2015 23:33:23] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Of course as you realize, we have no docking access there.
[13.01.2015 23:33:49] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Hmm. It is contraband last time I checked. Though it's not cardamine, I assure you.
[13.01.2015 23:34:02] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Hm... software ? Or what ?
[13.01.2015 23:34:06] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: We will do it secretly and quickly. When noone else is around
[13.01.2015 23:34:22] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Blood Diamonds
[13.01.2015 23:34:49] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: You will keep a share of the profits so we will both profit from this little deal.
[13.01.2015 23:34:55] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: ah, we have no problems with that. After all, Blood diamonds are not illegal in Liberty, and we do not plan to haul them in Rhd
[13.01.2015 23:35:04] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Rheinland
[13.01.2015 23:35:47] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Aha, excellent then.
[13.01.2015 23:36:20] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: We can set up about ... lets say 20.000 units of cargo space , for you to use with neutral ships.
[13.01.2015 23:36:23] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: I am glad that we can see eye to eye, sir.
[13.01.2015 23:36:37] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: we have more space than we need, that is no problem.
[13.01.2015 23:36:53] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: In your little base down in Texas?
[13.01.2015 23:37:15] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: *laughs* we have built no weapon platforms, so we have enough space for cargo
[13.01.2015 23:37:58] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: lets say : If somebody really wants to siege with warships, we will not be able to stop them, jes ?
[13.01.2015 23:38:28] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: So why try and play big bad Junkers, while we can make profit from being harmless and neutral ?
[13.01.2015 23:38:37] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: see my point ?
[13.01.2015 23:38:37] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: If someone attacks T&T with warships, I assure you the base would be the last thing to be nervous about.
[13.01.2015 23:38:57] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: we agree, and plan accordingly
[13.01.2015 23:39:28] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Do you require the display names of our neutral ships
[13.01.2015 23:39:35] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: or your base is open to the public?
[13.01.2015 23:40:02] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: we have restricted docking. And the docking registry is open to libforces checks. But ...
[13.01.2015 23:40:18] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: These ships are fully lawful.
[13.01.2015 23:40:18] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: I guess convincing ttransponders are no problem for you
[13.01.2015 23:41:03] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: send FynnMcScrap or Sturm Winger the transponders and negotiate a price and this should be... profitable
[13.01.2015 23:41:39] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: And if I want to procure exotic items from the Sirian market?
[13.01.2015 23:41:51] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Is the T&T in position to sell me such things?
[13.01.2015 23:42:18] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Well... we can fly nearly everywhere, and we run a blokade or two, like to Council space or Leeds
[13.01.2015 23:42:40] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: I am referring to nomad remains.
[13.01.2015 23:42:40] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Only rule is : we carry no Orange, jewelry or Fireworks
[13.01.2015 23:42:47] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: ah, hm....
[13.01.2015 23:42:59] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: that couts as very expensive fireworks I guess
[13.01.2015 23:43:14] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Oh but I will pay. Handsomely.
[13.01.2015 23:43:33] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: That would be something to discuss, but I think that most of us would probably say no.
[13.01.2015 23:43:49] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: I am sure some of your "family members" are more daring than others.
[13.01.2015 23:43:52] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Too many fanatics who would blow up our families to kill a single smuggler
[13.01.2015 23:44:04] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Why don't you ask John, my dear friend to do this for me
[13.01.2015 23:44:14] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: might be, and that could be possible. But as single sjkippers, not as a group
[13.01.2015 23:44:50] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Your dear friend John ?
[13.01.2015 23:45:12] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Yeah T&T.Blacksomething
[13.01.2015 23:45:47] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Ask him. Theres no court without somebody accusing you. He could try it, but he would get no backing from the Haven.
[13.01.2015 23:45:58] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: No you are going to.
[13.01.2015 23:46:16] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Before John's ship was about to blow up he called us "suckers".
[13.01.2015 23:46:41] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Hm. So thats what you want to... be friendly again.
[13.01.2015 23:46:44] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: You understand that I cannot work with you guys if I am to encounter such prejudice
[13.01.2015 23:47:05] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: I need John to convince me that he is okay after all this
[13.01.2015 23:47:33] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: I understand you are driving a bargain. And using the words of a single skipper. Well, lets see what happens
[13.01.2015 23:47:36] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Give him this task. Find for me 5 small nomad remains and we will have a deal.
[13.01.2015 23:47:47] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: I will talk to him, but I do not promise anything
[13.01.2015 23:48:00] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Very well
[13.01.2015 23:48:31] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: But I warn you, this deal will blow up if John refuses.
[13.01.2015 23:48:53] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Doing business means there is trust and John needs to earn that trust.
[13.01.2015 23:49:17] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: As I said : we do not command our Skippers. And trust is in bargains, in deeds. You made your point.
[13.01.2015 23:49:59] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: The bargain is in trade, the trust you demand is a test.
[13.01.2015 23:50:25] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Well, I can accept that, but I am only a Skipper. I will pass it on.
[13.01.2015 23:51:24] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: I will pass it on then that T&T is to be welcomed and excempted from our cargo intediction operations.
[13.01.2015 23:51:47] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Until John contacts me of course, in the Communications channel and tells me his decision
[13.01.2015 23:51:52] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Hm. Well we will see if we will be able to strike that deal.
[13.01.2015 23:52:08] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: I hope you remember my name so John will know where to send his message.
[13.01.2015 23:52:12] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Its a intriguing trade, interesting...
[13.01.2015 23:52:21] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: I have my backlog, no worries
[13.01.2015 23:53:08] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: Excellent.
[13.01.2015 23:53:20] LH~Cochrane.Traverser: I will be eagerly waiting in hearing from John then.

If you wish to have an apology John has already agreed to send one, even if he has narrowly escaped harm while ejecting from his destroyed ship. After all we have no "tax exception" from the Lane Hackers , even if the idea is an interesting one. And I agree that bad blood is no foundation for solid buisness.

Mr Yoshida, I find the idea of bettering our contacts to the Hackers intriguing. But I am worried over the insistence on contact with a certain skipper. If we might be able to aquire and pass over some remains left behind after the last clash between libertonian ships and the Nomads as a good will sign we might do so, but more and more I fear that you do not play with open cards.

To put it straight :
We are interested and willing to open our docks to neutral or friendly ships wishing to store cargo and pick it up again for the last lag of delivery. And we do not really make a profit from that, we just get more traffic. Thats agreeable to us, and we are happy to strike that deal.

We are also glad to de-escalate any current strife with the Lane Hackers.
We see no profit and a high risk potential there. But currently you are quite frankly insisting on a skipper moving out to "do your bidding" as a sign that he holds no grudge after you destroyed his last ship. That is a demand to be devot, not an offer to be a trade partner.

We are no threat to LH, we are not even a small danger to any LH interests ...
so please explain me the disturbing insistance on this "proof of friendliness".

We might be willing to send you a gift of some exotic value to show you our good will, Mr. Yoshida. But I fear I can not send you a Skipper of T&T/ as a personal plaything. If you value grovelling and begging small minds more than open words then I fear I have misunderstood much about the Lane Hackers ethos and overall goals.

We value Integrity, Mr Yoshida. More than laws or personal profit.

[Image: TampTte_zpse12cde9d.png]

[Image: lbIXDS6.png][Image: vGsou4l.png]

McScrap, please allow me to lend the words of Captain Bailey that you so adequately provided:
"Trust is in bargains, in deeds."

John has a deed to accomplish in order to be trusted again. I have expectations from him and I'm certain Captain Bailey does also.

As for your base in Texas, I admit your offer is tempting but we will kindly refuse. It is located very close to Planet Houston and the nearby stationary battleship and this may put at risk the reputation of T&T, something that we would like to avoid.

On the contrary, our operators regularly come across valuable cargo drifting in space, previously in possession of Corporate transports. We'd like to be able to contact T&T in order to tractor the cargo and share the profits with us. Furthermore, we may need to have some cargo moved from time to time (from a friendly base).

Regarding the "tax excemption" as you call it, I made it clear to Captain Bailey that T&T is being excempted from our operations. That status will become permanent once John completes his task and thus our agreement goes online.

McScrap all my cards are now open. Do not bother me again until John completes his task.
[Image: DC8NzNi.png]

Greetings Mr. Yoshida and Lane Hacker Professorship,

My name is Robert Crowe, CEO of the Network and as I was informed one of your members, the one with the alias "Yoshida", wanted to pull in informations about our organization from one of our pilots. I'm sorry for any difficulties Ms. Ohara might have caused for you Mr. Yoshida. She will face appropiate consequences in case that is wished.

I'll gladly follow this request to ensure a peaceful and profitable outcome for the both of us! It will be my pleasure.
What questions are on your mind exactly? I will try to answer them to your liking as much as possible, as long as it doesn't interfere with our interests or endangers any of our pilots understandably.

Regarding the requested "vouch" by the Outcasts. I can only forward you to the Crimson Inquisitor "Erikasaria Espinosa" from The Crimson Cross, who not only provided us with the allowance to visit Planet Malta, but also happily welcomed our distribution of their Cardamine as well as helping us out in other matters. So if you have any questions to your allies about us, I suggest contacting her and The Crimson Cross.

Robert Crowe

[Image: EeReiLq.png]

[Image: lbIXDS6.png][Image: vGsou4l.png]

A pleasure to meet you Mr Crowe. According to what Ms Ohara told me, you must be the revolutionary leader of the Network.

Additionally, I was informed that you operate within Liberty and you even tried to dock to one of our hideouts. So I am wondering why you never tried to establish contact with us before. Should I had to accidentally stumble upon one of your pilots in order for the Lane Hackers to receive a proper message?