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Victoria Knight,

After diligently verifying the information you shared with us and cross-referencing with the intel we obtained from our field agents, I would like to inform you that the Lane Hackers will assist you.

Safe harbor will be provided to any Harmony or LSF members who visit Barrier Gate Station in Coronado system and speaking to the local bartender. While direct military assistance is not possible, the Lane Hackers have increased their attacks on Liberty Navy and their supply lines while our supporters in every planet in Liberty are covertely transmitting the news which the corporate establishment is trying to hide.

You have left the question about the status of LSF unanswered. However, it does not matter anymore. I would like to ask you to arrange a private meeting between Director Adenauer and myself. No one else will attend. The meeting itself won't last more than a few minutes.

In trust that everything is clear,
Goro Yoshida

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Avery Reeves,

I am Mr. Yoshida, a name you probably have heard already. I will take care of your case since Mr. Weisen does not have the capabilities to assist you on his own. Before we continue however, please allow me to clarify something:

The Lane Hackers is not a charitable organization. A promise has been made to you and even though you have not been entirely truthful to Mr. Weisen, we have a reputation to preserve. A reputation that we are extremely trustworthy, that our word is iron and unbroken. That is the primary reason why you are speaking with me Mr. Reeves.

I can extract you from Liberty's clutch but I need to know what are your plans. Where do you want to end up. Have you eyes finally opened and you realize that the Liberty Navy is the threat to the citizens of our House, the very people who have sworn to protect them? If that is so then I guess you wish to become one of us, a Lane Hacker.

While you reply to my message, start heading for Planet Pittsburgh.
Time is of the essence, former Commander.

COMM ID: Avery Reeves / Paragon
TARGET ID: The Lane Hackers
SUBJECT: RE: Your Offer

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Tough choice there..

On the one hand, I do truly see what you mean. But to run away from my cause, regardless of the corrupt bureaucrats that stand in my way, is just against everything that I am. I might be serving a bunch of corporate pigs, but at the end of the day, I'm only doing my job with one thing in mind, the people. I know what your stance on the Navy is Mister Yoshida, but I firmly believe everything we do in life has a consequence and reward. In my case, serving the navy lets me help people, but I am an occasional tool to an ulterior motive that even I have trouble identifying. I might be one of the only people that takes the oath I swore seriously and if that truly is the case, so be it. I can't shift myself onto the other side of the law, sure the reward would be true freedom to pursue the call of an idealist, but I wouldn't be able to help people or protect our House as openly as I can right now, I'd be a name on a hit-list and a danger to everyone even remotely connected to me, that's something I simply won't consent to regardless of the personal detriment.
I can't run away from my true job, as easy as it may be to just condemn the entirety of the naval forces for the responses of a few towards me. The trial against me is in deadlock, call it pure courtroom theatrics of over-zealous advocates, I call it a pain. I'm only going to ask for one favor and one favor alone, which in return I will pay back by granting you a proportionate favor in the future. The best way to void the prosecution's charges is to prove them guilty of a crime, I think from that you can draw an assumption as to what I need you to find out to void this purely political backlash.

Reeves, over and out.

(08-20-2016, 02:52 PM)Shalo Wrote: [ -> ]
[Image: ZWfRcTpgjvK562a2rPfgqKGVN3gwjyCLn4sceTZ-...-h176-p-no]

Greetings. I am contacting the Lane Hackers , while representing the [FL-ER] organization. I was told by one of our pilots that the Lane Hackers wished to speak with us. Obviously this had me intrigued, so i'll wait for your reply.

[Image: 44.png]

################Resending Signal################

[Image: CygGpT5.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Hello Representative Nunes,

I must say I am very happy with my encounter with Abigail, I wouldn't say no if it was repeated again. Anyway, I suppose FL-ER is a smuggling organization, am I wrong? We would like to learn more about your friends, enemies, current contractors, where you are based from, etc in order to make sure you are the people we are looking for and then we will talk business.

There are some important information which needed to be sorted out first, you see.

Auf Wiedersehen for now.
[Image: ZWfRcTpgjvK562a2rPfgqKGVN3gwjyCLn4sceTZ-...-h176-p-no]

Good Day!
Although smuggling is a big part of what we do, we don't limit ourselves to just that. A big part of our pilots make their living as escorts and traders. Most of our current contracts are regarding the protection of certain bases and supplying said bases with needed resources and commodities. We don't have many enemies, although we don't particularly like the Gaians and the Gallic Royal Navy.

About where we are based. We operate mostly in Bretonia, Rheinland and their respective borders and surrounding independent systems such as the omegas and the omicrons. However we do own a mobile base, a "Bustard" Civilian Light Carrier named Warship Faro that has been highly upgrade in order to become the perfect mobile base of operations , that we as non military organization can have.

[Image: 44.png]

[Image: CygGpT5.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Representative Nunes,

While we expected to receive more detailed information, this one will suffice for now. As for the business offer, we require a dedicated hauler who can bring those materials to Thunder Bay Depot, in Ontario system.

Shipping List Wrote:- Cracking Catalysts
- Gadolinium
- Holmium
- Lanthanum
- Molybdenum
- Nanotubes
- Neodymium
- Palladium
- Tungsten
- Ultralloy
- Yttrium

Precisely 8000 units of each of these commodities are needed. Your reward will be a 1,500 credits bonus for each unit delivered with another bonus upon the mission's completion or the sharing of interesting intel. Your choice.

Do we have an agreement Mr Nunes?
[Image: ZWfRcTpgjvK562a2rPfgqKGVN3gwjyCLn4sceTZ-...-h176-p-no]

I believe that we can deliver these supplies, although anything coming from Gallia might be harder. Regarding the bonus, this intel you speak of is quite more interesting. I'm rather curious on what it is. We will start our deliveries soon.

[Image: 44.png]
[Image: ZWfRcTpgjvK562a2rPfgqKGVN3gwjyCLn4sceTZ-...-h176-p-no]

Hey, how are you fellas doing? So we've just finished up these deliveries you asked us to make.
I'll make sure to upload the visual evidence of these. The payment can be sent towards this account, [FL-ER]bank.We would also like to know that intel you claim that is so interesting.

Cracking Catalysts
Molybdenum 2

[Image: 44.png]

[Image: CygGpT5.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Representative Nunes,

I am immensely impressed by your organization's efficiency. Not only you managed to find those rare materials, but you also brought them in record time. And I am not just about anyone... I used to work for Interspace Commerce before I entered the Lane Hacker ranks.

I am sending you as we speak 132 000 000 SC for your services as agreed. Anonymously of course. By the way, I see that you elected to receive intelligence, dropping the option of a large monetary bonus. It's a risk but I think it is a wise choice, if you ask me.

You know, as an entrepreneuring smuggling organization, you will soon realize that your greatest enemies is not the police but your competitors. It would not be the first time for Junkers to hit hard their blackmarket rivals, I have seen that happening plenty of times. So I thought - since you've been so helpful to us - why not give you something to fight back. A chance to survive. The Junker Congress is not lately in very good terms with our great Republic, and they certainly don't want things to get any worse.

This is a picture of one of their Pirate Trains, right in front of Planet Denver. Which is illegal of course. And this one is a slaver found in Tau-29. These pictures belong to Mr. Yoshida's personal collection and he would like you to have them.

For your information this message is attached to a self-destruction script, which will start working once it is read. I think that's all for now, Mr Nunes. I hope you are satisfied with our dealings, we definitely are.