CM-1 Countermeasure Dropper

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Li cm dropper01.png
Hit-Points 4,000
Cargo Space 0
Dropper Price 1,000
Flare Price 1,000
ammunition image

The CM-1Countermeasure dropper dispenses an expendable "package" of light, heat and electromagnetic radiation that attracts the attention incoming ordinance and draws it away from the ship.

  • Requires Countermeasure Flare

Countermeasure Stats

  • Decoy Effectiveness: 50%
  • Decoy Range: 1,000 meters
  • Decoy Lifetime: 3 seconds
  • Refire Rate: 4.00 /sec
  • Power Usage: 1u

Buy/Sell Locations

The following bases are known to carry this item, although sales may be restricted to pilots with a high positive reputation.